May Loves

Oh, May! How you have caused me endless stress! Honestly, this month needs to go sit in a corner and think about what it has done! I spent the month struggling to pay my tuition (so that I can graduate), actually graduating (which led to tears because I realized I would be leaving my friends), getting documents together, preparing for a new job, and realizing that I might not be making the best decisions for the future of my education!


Of course, all hope wasn’t lost. My graduation ceremony was nice, I got to spend a week with my family, I realized I can still keep in touch with people who are 12 hours away, and decided that I would not let graduate school get me down. These are all some positive things and I want to delve into even more positive things! Here are my May Loves!


Lorac Unzipped Palette


I’m working on a special makeup lookbook right now inspired by Janelle Monae’s “Pink.” My friends and I watched Dirty Computer and the imagery from that part of the emotion picture really just stuck in my head. Now, any time I go to do my eyeshadow, all I want to use are rosy tones! This palette is full of them, which equals an instant obsession – though I’ve admittedly been obsessed for years now!

CYO Eye High Length Mascara


This was a random Walgreens purchase that I will be doing a full review on relatively soon. As such, I’m going to keep my full thoughts about this mascara to myself, but my general vibe is that it is good!

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation


I’m not saying anything revolutionary by saying that this is a great foundation. I think most beauty bloggers, vloggers, and a huge chunk of the Internet agree that Wet N Wild really killed it with this one. I will have a review coming on this product as well, which includes pros and cons, so stay tuned!

Seacret Cuticle Oil


My dedication to washing my hands has payed off in two ways: 1) I rarely get sick and 2) my hands are so dry that the skin around my nails is peeling. Yes, it’s gross, but it’s a problem I deal with. My body is naturally home to Ash City, but my hands have gotten worse recently. I’ve been using this oil on my fingers to help lock in moisture, because I can deal with some dusty elbows but I hate the pain of my skin trying to peace out from the rest of my body. I put it on in the evening time and sometimes during the middle of the day and while it hasn’t stopped the problem completely, it’s working pretty well!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Lotion


I really want to do a post all about products that I hate that I love because they cost too much money and, if I do, this will surely be on the list! I hate throwing things out when I still have some in the bottle, so I thought I would use up the last of this after using my Jergens lotion for the past 6 months. I should not have touched this, because I suddenly remembered why it runs for $12! It’s so thick and luxurious and keeps your skin hydrated for days, but never greasy! Ooooh, Soap & Glory can take my money! Except they can’t, because I currently have no money to give!

What are your May loves?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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4 thoughts on “May Loves

  1. That Soap & Glory lotion sounds amazing! I always hate when I find a product I love that is expensive, too! It’s usually what happens to me when I get skincare products in my Sephora Play boxes, and it’s the absolute worst!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is a great lotion. I used it today and wowee, does it do the trick! Also, I’ve never used Sephora Play, but I have gotten skincare samples from Sephora for my birthday and they are no joke! It’s hard to go back to my frugal ways once I try them, because they always get me hooked!


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