Lashes Longer than Life! CYO Eye High Length Mascara Review

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to mascara. I know what I like and most attempts to branch out tend to be major flops. I’ve had mascaras that glued my lashes together, some that made my lashes fall out, and one that crumbled onto my cheek all day long. Despite my experience with some major mascara mishaps, I still could’t stop myself from buying this one when I saw it at Walgreens. A $6 product that tells me in very simple language that it will give me long lashes? That’s my kind of deal!


Necessary Information: The thing that really caught my eye about this mascara was the display in-store. It was 4 different mascaras lined up and each of them said what they’re supposed to do on the front of the box: length, volume, curl, and definition. I went with the length one, because that’s what I value the most.


It comes in a matte black tube with a triangle shaped wand (or a triangular prism, for all of you geometry buffs out there). The bristles are short and of the non-plastic variety. The formula is a bit on the wet side, but it isn’t super thin because you still get those little pull strands when you take it out the tube (y’all know the ones I’m talking about).


Cry It Out: To be honest, there isn’t much I dislike about this mascara. I’ll admit, my first use left a lot to be desired. I’ve had lengthening mascaras before that make your lashes long, but they’re so thin that no one can even notice the length. My first go around kind of gave those vibes, but then I found out the trick – you’ve got to layer and take your time.


I think that’s a little con in itself, because you need to wait for the mascara to dry between coats, but I’m not terribly bothered by it. The only other thing is that I’m not the hugest fan of wet formulas, but it isn’t super wet so, again, I’m not terribly bothered.

Smile It Out: I’m a little shook by how much I like this mascara. At first I thought the brush shape was a little hokey, but I think it gives me a cleaner application. There’s not much volume to it, which means less opportunities to ruin my eyeshadow with it (and yet I still found a way). It’s also good for if you’re a person who likes to coat your mascara from the back, since it just slips behind the lashes and goes through them like a hairbrush.


I think my favorite thing is that it does what it says it will. The big claim was that it would make my lashes long, which it does. Online, it also claims to be clump and smudge free, which is true. I ended up putting on 4 coats to get the final look for this mascara and it didn’t clump up at any point. I’ve also been wearing it all day (it’s on my eyes as I type!!!) and I haven’t seen a single smudge. Unfortunately, I have yet to give it a nap test, but I get the feeling it will hold through that.


Ultimately, this is a bangin’ mascara and, if you have $6 to spare, you should invest in it! It’s long wearing makes my lashes long and I think I’m going to love it for a long time!

What’s your favorite cheap mascara?

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Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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4 thoughts on “Lashes Longer than Life! CYO Eye High Length Mascara Review

  1. This mascara sounds great! I’m always on the hunt for inexpensive mascaras – I hate spending more than $10 for a mascara.
    A nap test is essential for any mascara! 😛
    Lately I’ve been enjoying the CoverGirl Clump Crusher a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I also like to cap at $10, especially because mascara is the item in your makeup collection that’s supposed to be replaced the most often! Also, I’ve never tried a Covergirl mascara before, but I’ll really use any cheap one – added to my list!


    1. It’s a bit tiring in the morning! I try to do a quick coat in between each step of my makeup routine so I’m not putting on 1,000 coats at the end, but this definitely isn’t a quick use product!


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