Camera Ready Makeup! Review: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation

I’m always on the hunt for “America”s Next Top Foundation” and this time around I put the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation to the test. I heard about it from one of my YouTube Queens, Casey Holmes, who loves it. Last time I tried out a foundation she praised, the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixer Foundation, I absolutely loved it, too! That’s why I had to pick this bad boy up when I saw it at my least favorite place to buy makeup, CVS. Now, it’s time to find out if it was a winning purchase!


The Intro Chat: You know when you watch those Instagram videos where someone artfully spreads icing all over their face with a little spatula and think, “Why not me?” Well, for $6 that can be you! Essentially, you get 1 oz of foundation in a bottle with a twist-off lid with a little spatula attached for all you direct application needs! And, much like icing, this foundation comes in a great variety, with 20 shades currently. I got the fourth darkest shade, Cocoa.


The other interesting thing about this foundation, specs wise, is that it makes a lot of claims. Number one, it’s meant to be matte. Number two, it’s meant to be “photo ready,” which means that it should be flashback free in 7 different lighting conditions: “clear blue sunlit sky, outdoors PM, indoors PM, electronic flash, flourescent light, bathroom light, and nightclub light.” Does that sound hokey? Yes!


Total “Who” Behavior: I’m going to be upfront. I really do like this foundation, but I don’t think it’s perfect (is any foundation, really?). Like I say with most foundations, the shade range could be better. Yes, 20 shades is much broader than many other drugstore brands, but I use the fourth deepest shade which is called Cocoa and is nowhere near as chocolatey as any cocoa I’ve seen in my day. Moreover, I got a baby tan and now it’s a bit too light for my skin. I’m not that dark, so no shade I use should ever be the 3rd or 4th deepest shade option.


As for more nitpicky things I’ve noticed, I don’t think the application is 100% smooth on my skin. When I put it on, it kind of just sits on top of my dry patches, so I really have to work it in to keep from looking like a reptile. Of course, this isn’t a huge problem, but it is something to note. Secondly, the spatula isn’t for everyone. I personally love it, so you can scrape out all the product, but the downside is that product often drips off the spatula and onto my clothes. Oh, and don’t forget about the worry of bacteria!


Total “Them” Behavior: I would consider this to be a medium buildable foundation, which is just how I like it! It’s pretty weightless and while it isn’t transfer proof, I don’t find that it gets all over my clothes any more than my other foundations do. Now, the thing I love the most about this foundation is the wear. They claimed this was matte and they did not lie! I put this foundation on at 7 AM, walked around outside in 80 degree weather for about 3 hours, and then lived my daily life. When I went to take it off at 10 PM it looked exactly the same as it had that morning. Like, how??? What is this sorcery?


Ultimately, if you like low-cost, long wearing, comfortable matte foundations, this is the one! It’s also relatively camera ready – though you should know that foundation flashback is really only a worry in products with SPF, which this foundation does not have. So, if you were thinking about buying it, I say go for it and then go forth and take great photos!

*Also, please comment down below if you know the reference I’ve stripped my organizational headings from! Strong hint: It’s a podcast with the same name as an Australian gossip magazine!

What’s your fave drugstore foundation?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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