How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Closet

Every time I watch Tiny House Hunters, my soul burns with a firey rage. Extreme minimalism??? No, thank you! The minimalist lifestyle and all of the ways it has been co-opted by hip and trendy millineals who need the world’s tiniest house to be the world’s best super savers (which really just means that they want to be Instagram globe trotters) is not for me, but I do have bomb organizational skills and I don’t own a whole lot of stuff. That’s why I wasn’t too bothered when I found out that not only was my new campus closet super tiny, but I would have to share it with a roommate as well. So here are all of my tips on how to make your small closet work!

Tiny Closet Organization

Tip 1: Purge

I know, I know! Get rid of your stuff? What??? Hear me out: most people don’t actually optimize the entirety of their wardrobe when their wardrobe is huge. They find out that they have favorite pieces that they gravitate to all the time. Those items in your closet that always have you shook when you see them because it’s like you’re looking at the ghost of Christmas past – purge them!


Now say you’re one of those rare gems that actually uses everything in their closet – keep your stuff. But, get rid of the items that don’t match the season. I’m a sweater fiend and bulky sweaters take up a huge chunk of my closet, so they are all currently boxed up nice and tight and living in the hall closet with my vacuum! Instant space!

Tip 2: Store Up, Down, and All Around


Shelves are your best friend! My closet came with two shelves ready for sitting stuff on top of and hanging things from. That’s fine and dandy and everything, but I needed more shelving than that, which is why I broke out my handy dandy hanging shelf (like this one)! I keep my random accessories, workout clothes, jeans, skirts/shorts, and t-shirts in it, because I don’t really own a whole lot of each of those and they would take up a lot more space if I just stacked them up on the two pre-installed wire shelves.

Tip 3: Organize for Your Life


My closet is set up to work for my needs. I’m very short, so I obviously like to keep my stuff closer to the ground. The problem was, I didn’t want to just claim the bottom half of the closet and leave my roommate, who also may have been short (I hadn’t met her at the time) with the top shelf, so I just split the space in half vertically and claimed the right side.


I still needed it to be accessible for me, so my compromise was to put my most frequently used items at the bottom and the stuff I rarely use at the top. My everyday shoes, tops, t-shirts, jeans, and shorts are located at the bottom. My accessories, workout clothes, dresses, rompers, and formal shoes are all located up top. I also organized my hanging items by sleeve length. Sleevless tops, which I gravitate toward during the summer, go in the front and long sleeve tops go in the back. I store empty hangers behind my tops, so I always have a good sense of how many things are missing and present in my closet.

What’s your best closet organization tip?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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