Buying Stuff on the Low, Low! Shop Miss A & Forever 21 Haul

Hey y’all! A couple of weeks ago I had the great idea to replenish my makeup collection with some of my low cost favorites from the online dollar store for all of your beauty and makeup needs, I got my blending sponges and my brow gel, but then I got a little distracted and went from a cart full of 3 items to a cart full of 10. I was pretty satisfied with that, but then my hands mystically, magically took me a store I hadn’t shopped at in a long time: Forever 21. It was around the 4th of July, so you know the sale was popping. Suddenly, my debit card was in my hand again and thus began this post!


Miss A

Miss A


Like I said, I really only came on this site to restock some items I already knew that I loved, but those $1 deals always encourage me to get a bit adventurous. Ultimately, the theme was “eyes,” with a little razzle dazzle dotted throughout.

AOA Wonder Blender – $1


I have never tried an actual Beauty Blender before and I don’t think I will, because these blenders work perfectly fine. Dare I say it, but I actually like them a bit more than my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. They expand more and are slightly squishier. This time around I got the black beveled sponge (I love the versatility of the flat bottom) and the Paw Paw Teardrop sponge.

AOA Wonder Skin Mattifying Face Primer – $1


I put this in my cart fully believing that it would not do a thing to improve my makeup. I mean, yes, there was a little voice in my head saying, “But what if it does work???” but that didn’t really get my hopes up. The last AOA primer I used was pretty trash (you can read about it here) and this one doesn’t seem to be any better. I tried it out on half of my face a few days ago and it did not do much. I’m going to test it again with a different foundation, but I do not expect to see any change.

AOA Go Brow Mascara in Dark Brown – $1


I. Love. This. Brow. Mascara. I won’t say that it does anything super radical for my brows, but it improves them by 5-10%. The little fibers grab on to each individual hair and makes them a tiny bit more large and in charge. I feel like this is a great product on its own for people who want to do something quick, simple, and easy with their brows and a great add-on to the brow routing of people like me who are a little bit extra.

AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil in Dark Brown – $1


Last November I tried out the Santee Eyebrow Sword Pencil, which was fine, but not for me. I prefer thinner, firmer pencils and that one was too thick and creamy for my taste. To be completely honest, I’m not the hugest fan of brow pencils in general, but they do give a fast and travel friendly brow. Against my better judgement, I bought this pencil and I’m so glad I did! It does everything I wish the Santee pencil did. It’s still in that stupid and gimicky triangle shape, but I love it for a quick, natural brow!

AOA Wonder Brow Pomade in Medium Brown – $1


I bought this fully thinking I would love it more than the pencil, but I was suprisingly wrong. I like the pencil more. This pomade is just not pigmented. When I dip my brush in, it’s difficult to get any product to actually stick. Then, it’s difficult to get it to transfer from my brush to my face resulting in some patchy brows. I’m going to play around more with it, but things are not looking good, y’all.

AOA Clear Makeup Pouch – $1


If you’ve seen my travel makeup posts, then you’re probably seen my go-to makeup bag before. It’s my go-to because it’s the only one I own! That  means it’s pretty dingy at this point and I have been wanting to upgrade! This donut bag isn’t big enough to fully replace my go-to, but I think it could work for short weekend trips! Plus, I love donuts!

Creme Shop Eyelash Glue – Dark – $1


I’m almost out of my DUO eyelash glue, so I decided to pick up the only lash glue in stock on Miss A’s website. After looking at the reviews, I do not have high hopes. Thankfully, I only wear lashes for special occasions and when putting together my makeup lookbooks, so I really only need the glue to hold for a few hours. If it can just do that, then we’ll be golden!

AOA Studio Eyelashes in Alexis – $1


Again, I rarely wear eyelashes, so my philosophy is “the cheaper the better.” I am still pretty picky about my lashes though! Since I mainly wear them for makeup photos, I don’t like anything with too thick of a band, too shiny of a material, or without enough separation to see my eyeshadow through it. As such, I pretty much only wear wispy lashes, which is what I have here!

Rose Gold Hoop Earrings – $1


I know I mentioned this in another post, but when I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to wear hoop earrings, because my mom thought they were “too grown.” Then, I turned 18 and still didn’t wear them because they fell out of style and I was afraid to stretch out my lobes. I still have a fear of ruining the shape of my piercings, but when the 90s revival kicked in, I could not resist stepping into this trend! I’m not an everyday hoop wearer, so I’m fine with my modest collection of 2 pairs and when these inevitably break, I’ll probably just pay $1 again to replace them!

Forever 21


When I go shopping, the first place I hit up is always the clearance section. That’s why I pretty much fell out on my bed when I saw the word “extra 40% off all sale items” on the Forever 21 website. Then, I added these magical items to my cart and found out that there was free shipping, too! Day = Made!

Paperbag-Waist Shorts – $4.96



My favorite type of shorts are the loose and flowy kind. I live in a hot and humid area, so I need all the air circulation I can get. These shorts can be dressed up or down, while still maintaining maximum comfort because they have an elastic band. Plus, they have something that the other 3 pair of shorts in my closet do not: a high waist. In person, they are very wrinkly and the material is thin (a Forever 21 trademark at this point), but still super cute!

High-Rise Denim Shorts – $6.97



Can I get an Amen for a high waist? Honestly, any other cut is just disrespectful to my body. I bought these because I love denim, but it’s way too hot for me to keep wearing jeans every day. These shorts are the perfect compromise! I actually haven’t worn “denim” shorts (these aren’t true denim) in about 8 years, so I think these might take some time getting used to. That being said, they are also super cute and I’m excited to wear them!

When is your favorite time of the year to hunt for a good deal?

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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