Insta Recap!

My 2018 goal was to blog more often and this past month or so I have been a complete flop! I started off so strong and then… well, life happened. Though I was way too busy to blog, I tried to stay on my Instagram grind and am relatively pleased with the results! So, step aside Rita Ora! Today we’re asking “What’s Liv up to?”


Meeting Cute Animals

favorite animals

I don’t think I ever mentioned this on the blog, but I spent this summer working at a zoo! While I won’t go into what I actually spent my time there doing, I will let you all know that it was such an amazing experience! I got to feed some giraffes, learned a lot of cool animal facts, and found out that way more animals than I thought are either endangered or close to being endangered. Going in, I had pretty mixed feelings about zoos (we were actually given a crash course on the zoo’s history which was pretty much like “yikes, yikes, yikes!”), but now I know about the work that they’ve been doing in terms of conservation and animal rescue and my attitude is more like “yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Serving Looks!

serving more looks

I’ve really missed playing around with makeup recently, so I decided to hop back into it and created 2 dramatic looks that I’m really proud of! The first one was inspired by The Little Mermaid, after one of my professors gave us a dramatic reading of a poem re-imagining the thoughts of Ariel. I’ve never seen the Disney movie before, but I’m still very familiar with the color palette, so I drew from that for the look!

serving looks

The second one is inspired by one of my favorite lippies, Covergirl’s Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick in All Nighter. It’s such a gorgeous red shade and I just want to wear  it as much as I can… and so I did! I used it for this graphic liner/cut crease eye, my blush, and my regular ol’ lip color. Personally, I just love everyday, wearable looks like these because they’re great for all occasions: grocery shopping, a workout, anything really!


hydration station

I’ve been trying to pursue a bit more of a fitness lifestyle lately. Unfortunately, anything beyond a brisk walk is a bit out of my league, but I still do my best. I’ve been drinking more water, doing a lot of meal prepping, and walking about 4 miles a day. I’ve been hoping I’d have one of those moments where people say, “I made these life changes and now I feel amazing and have so much energy,” but I have yet to experience that. This being said, I know this is good for my body long term, so I’ll do my best to keep doing it!

Trying to Relax

sipping that tea.PNG

This has been the most stressful summer of my life! My general mood is usually “stressed and anxious” anyway, but graduate school has really revved up those feelings. Like, I’m literally getting gray hairs (thankfully, I’ve only found 3 so far!). As such, I’ve been really looking for moments of relaxation. Things that keep me semi-chill are Bigelow Vanilla Chai, long walks while listening to podcasts, and re-watching every episode of Teen Wolf!

Apartment Hunting


Apartment hunting is a pain! Don’t let House Hunters International fool you – there is little joy in this process. I’ve spent this whole summer freaking out over whether or not I would be homeless at the end of July, and hooray, because that did not happen! Honestly, I’m still kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I’m really trying to chill out and enjoy this moment!

Taking the Worst Greyhound Trip of My Life

harry potter and the wild travel.PNG

Oh my goodness! Greyhound isn’t my favorite, but I’ve never had a trip as wild as this last one. First, we boarded about 20 minutes late, because there were too many people to ride on one bus. Then it took an extra 10 minutes to actually leave the parking lot because this lady was turning up on the bus driver and got kicked off. Then, another lady got kicked off the bus at our first stop, because she also tried to turn up on the bus driver! I was so confused and my patience was tested, but I made it through!

What have you been up to?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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