What’s in My Bag?

I remember watching tons of “What’s in My Bag?” YouTube videos back, because I am a super nosy person and you can learn so much about people from what they carry. All of my favorite beauty vloggers would show the contents of their fancy handbags and all I could think was, “How the heck do they keep their bag so clean?” It’s still a question that I ask today, particularly as I discovered that my bag is literally full of trash. So enjoy this “What’s in my bag?” adventure where I get to show off all the nonsense I carry in the garbage bag I call a purse.


The Bag


This purse is one of my favorite things I’ve ever bought! It was originally $79, but I somehow managed to cop it for $1. That’s right. $1. It was at the Bargain Hunt, which is like a cheaper TJ Maxx where things go on sale the longer they’re in store. This bag had been in store for nearly a year, which means that it had made it to the 90% off mark and then some. Unfortunately, they couldn’t give it to me for free, but $1 is enough for me!

Pocket 1


Let’s start this with some confidential info: I shop at Wal-Mart a lot. And I’m really bad at taking receipts out of my purse. So here is receipt #1, plus the admission pin I received when I went to the WWII Musuem in New Orleans. Yes, I went there over a year ago, but I loved it so much that I want to take a piece of it with me everywhere I go.

Pocket 2


As I went to Dave & Buster’s a few months ago and I had no clue how those cards worked then and I have no clue how it works now. Like, do I keep the card? Do I reload game money onto it? I don’t know, but I don’t want to risk throwing it into the trash if I still need it. From this, we can see that this is my pocket of confusion full of things that I’m maybe supposed to hold on to.

The Filling


Aw, yes. This is the pocket that exposes my true trash ways. Here I carry all of my essentials. Pads, hand sanitizer, tweezers, stretched out and ineffective hair ties, and a little doggy notebook that fools people into thinking that I actually like dogs. Additionally, there is trash, trash, and … oh, look! More trash!

Pocket Full-O Garbage


The only explanation for this pocket is that I not only frequent Wal-Mart, but I frequent Starbucks as well. I’ve also got some lipsticks in here because I literally throw them into my purse and forget that I own them. The most important thing here are my keys, which have some pretty awesome keychains hanging out on them. I’ve got my Pokemon keychain that I got at a beauty supply store 4+ years ago and am literally holding together with packaging tape. I also have a cute bear my friend got for me when she went to Alaska! Jealous yet?

I hope you all enjoyed this exploration through my high fashion trash bag. I think I learned a lot about myself today, mainly that I am a human raccoon, because I seem to love garbage. So, the moral of the story is clean out your purse and don’t be like me!

What’s in your bag?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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