Everything Under $15 Haul – Workwear Edition

My special talent is finding super amazing fashion deals. I’ve already told y’all about the time I managed to cop an $80 handbag for $1 and I’ve posted an Everything Under $20 Haul before. Now, I’m venturing where I have not ventured before – into the realm of business casual clothing and I’ve got a lower price cutoff to go with it. Here is my everything under $15 haul full of all the goodies that’ll help me into my life of adulting!


$12.58 Striped Blouse from Target – Original Price: $17.99


While I’m good at finding deals, I’m really bad a trying clothes on in store, which means that I’m usually surprised by my new buys when I get home. I bought this thinking I was getting a v-neck top. Turns out, it’s a high collard top with a key hole front, which was a very pleasant surprise! It’s cuter than I thought it would be when I bought it!

$0.99 Animal Print Blouse from Goodwill – Original Price: ???


Before, I was blessed by the mystery of my top, but this time around, I was cursed. I solely bought this top because it had a green tag on the green tags $0.99 day and I am so disappointed. In store, I thought this was a boat neck top, but it’s actually a square, which would be fine if the shirt wasn’t also weirdly boxy all around. Plus, the only thing I hate more than animal print is colorful animal prints. Ultimately, this shirt is a flop, but I’m a bright gal, so I’m pretty confident that I can find a way to salvage it!

$9.98 Button-Down from Target – Original Price: $19.99


I feel like this is a staple piece of a working woman’s wardrobe, but for some reason, I did not own a shirt like this. It’s pretty simple, but I’m in love with it because it has super big and fully functioning pockets which is fairly uncommon in women’s workwear. Finally, I can carry all my thing-a-ma-bobs again! Plus, it’ll come in clutch if I want to spend another Halloween reliving my childhood (read: dressed up like a Hufflepuff returning to Hogwarts for their final year)!

$14.99 High Waist Trousers from H&M


These pants are almost everything I needed out of work appropriate pants. They’re high waisted, which is good because anything cut lower is very disrespectful to my body. They’re cropped, which is great because I am a very short gal. Lastly, they’ve got a skinny fit, which is just something that I love. Unfortunately, these pants have  committed the ultimate women’s wear sin: they don’t have real pockets.


I don’t understand. Do women not need to carry things? Will men be angry if the seamless line of my body is ruined by the bulge of my keys, cell phone, lip balm, and/or debit cards? If that’s the case, then boo-hoo! I honestly could not care less about their feelings! I want my pants to have style and function. Is that too much to ask for?

$0.99 Boot Cut Trousers from Goodwill – Original Price: ???



I think these are great pants for $0.99. Like, I hate wearing brown toned clothes and pants that aren’t tapered at the ankle, but a good deal can drop my standards. Plus, I get the feeling that I can serve some serious autumn looks in these.

$0.99 Floral Print Pants from Goodwill – Original Price: ???


This shopping decision was heavily inspired by one of my friends who loves bold prints and comfy clothes. As such, when I saw these, I had to buy them. They’re basically like office sweatpants!!! I love the look of them, but they’re so thin in person that you can see not only my underwear through them, but also the white lining of my pockets!


I think I’m going to hold off on wearing them until the winter when I can layer some tights under them for protection, but if you know any hacks for these types of clothes, please let me know!

$8.38 Floral Wrap Dress from Target – Original Price: $27.99



I am living for this dress! The print is going to give me summer vibes all year long, the fabric is super breezy, and I just love anything that comes with a built-in waist snatcher. I do think I could have gone down a size, because it’s a bit looser up top than I would prefer, but other than that, it’s a good one!

$10.48 Shirt Dress from Target – Original Price $34.99


This is another friendship inspired piece! I saw one of my friends wearing a similar denim dress on her Instagram story and the vision just stuck with me. I bought this immediately when I saw it and, once again, I should have tried it on in store. It’s longer than I thought, which isn’t my favorite because I am quite short. Also, it’s very loose, which is only salvaged by the waist ties. This being said, it’s still a great piece and I can’t wait for it to cool off so that I can break it out!

Why do they make pants without pockets?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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