Beginners Brow Tool Kit

Now I’m not saying that I am an Instagram Official Brow Queen or whatever, because I 100% am not. That being said, I am very passionate about my eyebrow game and have a lot of brow experience. I’ve had block brows, thin brows, sharpie brows, and even nearly invisible brows. I’ve filled them in with pomades, pencils, and – on one embarrassing occasion – black gel eyeliner. My brows have been through it all, which is why I feel confident about sharing my beginners brow tool kit so that you all know what’s what in the brow game. May your brows live long and prosper!

eyebrow pencil pomade and gel

Tamed and Ultra Natural Brows → Gel

aoa go brow mascara

When used alone, brow gel offers the easiest eyebrow grooming on this side of the Mississippi… and also on the other side of the Mississippi. What I mean is that it’s a very low maintenance way to do your brows. It’s essentially like putting on mascara, but with a lower risk of poking yourself in the eye. You simply pop the wand out the tube and brush it through the hair. If you want more volume, use it to brush all the hairs straight up and then into place, so you can make sure they get evenly coated with product.

brow filled go brow mascara

If your brows are already quite full, I recommend using it by itself to quickly add extra volume and lock your brows into place. For those less blessed in the brow department (or for anyone who wants a super bold brow), use it to top off your regular brow routine. It will make the hairs stand out and add more definition to your look.

Quick and Semi-Natural Brows → Pencil

aoa sculpting brow pencil

This classic brow tool generally comes in two different forms: traditional and twist up. Traditionally pencils tend to be cheaper and can be sharpened to achieve an ultra fine point, perfect for crafting the world’s most precise tail or tiniest baby hairs. Twist up pencils never have to be sharpened, so they’re perfect for travel (and for lazy people like me), but may lack some precision because of that.

brow filled with aoa brow pencil

Regardless of the style, pencils are the fastest way to stellar brows. Make short hair like strokes throughout your brow for a fuller look. I recommend looking for a pencil that is a little bit firm (soft pencils lose their point pretty quickly, making it hard to do hair-like strokes) and comes with a spoolie on the back to break up any thick patches.

Long Lasting and Bold Brows → Pomade

AOA Wonder Brow Pomade

elf cream eyeliner

Pomade offers the fastest route to the boldest brows, which can be good or bad. If you’ve never used a pomade before, it’s basically a pot of cream brow pigment that can give your brows a whole new life. Because it’s so pigmented, it’s a great option for creating ultra defined brows that stand out on your face. Unfortunately, the intensity also means that if you’re too heavy handed you will look like your drew your brows on with Crayola markers.

brow filled with aoa pomade
Brow Filled with AOA Wonder Brow Pomade
brow filled with elf cream eyeliner
Brow Filled with Elf Cream Eyeliner

To get the best use out of a brow pomade (or, in my case, Elf Cream Eyeliner), go in with a small angled eyeliner brush. Tap into a small amount of the product and trace out the brow of your dreams. Dip in again and use a feather light hand to fill in your brow using hair like strokes (it’s all in the flick of the wrist, my friends). Lastly, turn your brush vertical to draw on tiny hairs at the front of your brow.

Soft and Fluffy Brows → Powder

Brow powder has the power to bulk up your brows without the danger of overdoing it, which means that they’re super user friendly. Plus, most brow powders come as duos with a deeper and a lighter shade from the same color family, making color matching a breeze. You can use just one of the shades, put the darker one in the tail of the brow and the lighter one in the back, or mix both shades together for your own personal blend.

It’s not as precise as a pencil or pomade, but it can be used for filling in any sparse patches in relatively defined brows. I recommend breaking out a spoolie and an angled eyeliner brush. Use the spoolie to brush your brow hairs up. Then dip into the brow powder and place it in the bald areas. Use patting motions for more intensity or soft brows strokes for a more natural look. Best part: if you color outside the lines, you can easily wipe it away with your finger.

What’s your brow tool of choice?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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