Nail That Manicure!

I’ve gone through a lot of nail phases in my life: long, short, press on, glue on, french tips, bold colors, and – as of the past year – naked nails. My history of nail maintenance had taken its toll on me and suddenly all nail related tasks other than a simply trim and file just seemed like too much effort. Moreover, achieving the nails of my Instagram dreams seemed impossible. Then, in August, I decided to try the nail game again with a few new products and a brand new nail routine. Now, your girl is shook, has the best nails of her life, and is ready to share all her secrets for the perfect DIY manicure!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Step 1: Clean Your Nails

nails with polish remover and cotton balls

The main game changer for the life of my nails has really been in the grooming process. Previously, I would just clean my nails off with some polish remover (or rubbing alcohol if I was super desperate) and call it a day. Now, I use a strengthening nail polish remover with Vitamin E and then head to the sink to give my hands and nails a good scrub down.

Step 2: File and Trim

Nail File and Clippers

Next, I focus on maintaining the length of my nails. Just like you regularly trim your hair so it can grow, you should regularly file your nails to make sure that they are clear of jagged edges. Without this step, your nails will get caught on pretty much everything around you and break off. Clip down any broken nails and file in one direction across the top to ensure that everything is nice and smooth.

Step 3: Oil

seacret cuticle oil


Cuticle oil is the most important step in my nail routine regardless of if I plan to paint my nails or not. Cuticle oil helps hydrate your nails and the skin around them, leading to stronger, happier nails. I have really dry skin and am very prone to hangnails. This essentially eliminates the problem. Simply rub it into the cuticle and surrounding area.

Step 4: Give Your Nails a Rest


I usually do my nails once a week over the course of 2 days. I do Steps 1-3 on Saturday and 5-7 on Sunday. In between, I give my nails a bit of a rest and allow the oil to really work it’s magic. As you can see, I’m spending my chill time making spaghetti!

Step 5: Base Coat

wet n wild top coat

I’m not sure about y’all’s nails, but the surface of my nails is not 100% smooth. There are some ridges and some fine cracks. This is where a base coat comes in. Before you let the color you really want to touch your nails, you go in with a base coat that give you a smooth canvas allowing for an easier application.

Step 6: Paint

love and beauty polish

Now it’s the best part where you slip slap some color onto your nails so you can add some flavor to your handshakes, high fives, and waves! Pull your brush out the bottle while wiping one side off against the rim, so you don’t get over loaded with product. Paint your nails with three even stroke starting at the middle and then hitting up the sides. Wait at least 5 minutes for it to dry and then paint them again!

Step 7: Quick Dry Top Coat

seche vite top coat

This is the saving grace of my nail routine: a quick dry top coat! I use the Seche Vite Top Coat which smooths out the nails, makes it ultra glossy, and completely dries my nails in about 10 minutes so I can get on with my life! Crease marks from blankets? Accidental fingerprint? Spots with missing polish because your nails hit something sharp? I don’t know them! Clean around the edges with polish remover and a cotton swab and you’ll be ready to go!


What’s your best nail secret?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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