Fall Makeup Must Haves

The hills are alive with autumn! I’m talking cozy sweater, rain, hot apple cider, rain, darker and dramatic makeup, and more rain – but I’m really here to focus on that dark, dramatic makeup part. Fall is the time where I get the most love out of my makeup collection, because I can stop worrying about it melting off my face! Plus, I’m super inspired by those warm tone of falling leaves and those October spooks that revitalize my gothic heart. As such, I want to share my must-have products for the fall season!

fall makeup2

Lorac Unizpped Eyeshadow Palette


Get ready, because this post is going to be very Lorac heavy! First up is this eyeshadow palette that I’ve been wearing on the daily for some rosy smokiness. I put the pink shimmery shade (Unbelievable) on the lid, run the matte burgundy (Unbridled) through my crease and on my lower lashline, and highlight with the lighter pink (Unreal).

Lorac Matte Eyeshadow Palette


I’m super obsessed with the muted, rosy and neutral tones in this palette. It’s great for softer, sultry autumn looks. I pop Pink Mauve on the lids and then use either Courdoroy or Burgundy to define my crease and outer corners. This palette is great for easy two toned looks and is small enough for all your fall traveling needs!

AOA Go Brow Mascara


I want brows that are fluffy enough to give the illusion that they’ll keep my face warm. To do that, I fill in my brows with either a pencil or cream. Then, I top my brows off with this brow mascara, making sure to brush the individual hairs up vertically. The product clings to the hair, making my brows look fuller and fluffier.

Lorac Beauty & the Beast Cheek Palette


I’m not a huge blush and highlight person, but I want more of a glow to balance out the deeper, muted tones on my lips and eyes. I typically use the shade Rose, which is a deeper pink with flecks of golden shimmer mixed in for a healthy looking flush. Then I top off my cheeks with Fearless to get a golden glow.

Covergirl Melting Pout Matte in All Nighter


This is my go-to lipstick for the fall season. For one, the formula is bomb. It’s ultra long wearing and super pigmented from the first swipe. My tea and hot drink quota has increased a lot recently and I need a lipstick that won’t get lost on my mugs. Secondly, this is such a classic red that looks so gorgeous on brown skin!

ColourPop Lippie Stick in Taurus


I always admire people who rock chocolate lips in the fall, but it’s not quite my style. Taurus gives me similar vibes, but without the full commitment. It’s a matte, warm toned brown with an ultra comfortable formula. It isn’t as long wearing or transfer proof as the Covergirl option, but it does a nice and gentle fade throughout the day.

AOA Wonder Liplock in Modern


This lipstick is like a vampy, burgundy, plum type matte lip. Every fall, I like to transform into the darkest version of myself and this lipstick helps me reach those vibes. It is a little bit drying and the packaging is very cheap, but it’s only $1.

Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Dominatrix


This is like a richer, more expensive version of Modern. Dominatrix is a rich burgundy color with a creamy matte formula. I’ve been rocking it every fall since 2015 and it has not let me down since. That being said, it is long wearing, but it is not transfer proof!

What is your must-have for fall?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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7 thoughts on “Fall Makeup Must Haves

  1. I’m the same when it comes to fall lip colors. Fall for me starts the first day I bust out a berry/plum lipstick. That plum color looks promising, but that’s too bad that it turned out to be drying!

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