October Loves

Happy Halloween y’all! October unfortunately has not been my month of beauty favorites, but it has been the month of television. There I was doing my best to love concealers, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. Unfortunately, so much of my love was taken by all of those fall premieres! Enjoy the eclectic mish-mash that is my non-beauty-centric October Loves!

october loves
Photo by Kerstin Wrba on Unsplash

Lorac Beauty and the Beast Cheek Palette


This has been my month of blush. Ryan Potter and his #blusharmy have inspired me and I’ve been loading up my cheeks with the flush. I’ve been dipping into this palette almost every day and I’m loving it! It’s super pigmented and lasts forever. Like, I’m literally wearing it as I type. I put it on at 6AM. It’s 12+ hours later and it’s still going strong.

Wet N Wild WildShine Nail Polish in Black Creme


I told myself that I needed to live my best, darkest life this month. Recently, I’ve been pretty obsessed with doing my nails, so I decided to bring the darkness to my fingertips. This polish was only $1, but it’s a winner. It goes on opaque with 2 quick coats and allows me live out my teenage emo fantasies.

Forever 21 Nail Color in Glitter Gold


I can’t be all emo all the time. Sometimes I need a little razzle dazzle and this Forever 21 polish lets me dazzle it up! It has a blend of tiny and chunky glitters, though I like to layer it on the really get those chunks to come through. Is it a pain to remove at the end of the week? Yes. But does it look fantastic up until that point? Heck yeah!

New Sweater


This Halloween I knew that I wanted a casual cool costume, so I dressed up as Arthur, which was an amazing choice. It did require a painful shopping trip to the worst Goodwill on the planet (and I’ve been to a lot of Goodwills) for this sweater, but the best things in life are never free. It delivers both the warmth factor and the cuteness factor.

Herbal Tea


I really only bought this because it was on sale. In fact, I had never even enjoyed an herbal tea up until this point, yet this sampler won me over! I don’t think I can commit to all 5 flavors, but my favorite is Peppermint. I’ll also pick up a box of the Honey Vanilla Chamomile just because it does my body right, even though the flavor is just okay.

All American

all americans

Okay, so this was supposed to be a thirst watch for me. I follow a very attractive man on Instagram named Cody Christian who plays Asher in this show. I originally was just going to watch it so I could enjoy his return to the small screen, but I actually love the plot. It’s not even a thirst watch anymore (honestly, Asher is the worst and I hate him!).

The show follows a teen named Spencer who moves from South LA to a fancy pants high school in Beverly Hills to play football. Unfortunately his new school is wack and racist! It’s a huge culture shock from him as he does his best to balance his two new lives and maybe find out who his father? Also, Taye Diggs is in it!

Light as a Feather

Credit: Spoiler TV

I know about this show because in addition to following Cody Christian on Insta, I also follow his past Teen Wolf cast mate, Dylan Sprayberry who is in this show! If you saw my Halloween Watchlist, then you already know the good word about this show. Think: stupid teens, light as a feather stiff as a board, murder, mystery, and some fly outfits! It’s a quick spooky watch, so if you’re reading this on actual Halloween day, you can probably start and finish it before November strikes!

What’s your October love?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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