5 Quick & Easy Steps to a Festive Home – Blogmas Day 7

Hey y’all! After watching an (admittedly terrible) Hallmark movie where a fancy business man experienced his own Extreme Home Makeover – Christmas Edition, I decided to recognize the spirit of Christmas in my own apartment! I’m not one to drop a lot of cash on some Christmas decoration, so this post is for those of y’all who are balling on a budget. Here are 5 quick, easy, and cheap ways to craft a festive home!

Light Some Candles

In general, candles add a touch of Christmas-y warmth to your living space. I decided to turn up the festivities with candles that remind me of winter! I lit Cozy Winter Spices from Candle Lite Company, which smells like cinnamon. Unfortunately, it’s not strong and I have a weak nose, so it kind of does nothing for me! Luckily, I also have this Frasier Fir one from Tuscany Candle, which makes my whole apartment smell like pine trees!

Throw a Throw

Honestly, plopping a throw blanket over the back of your couch or the end of your bed is the best thing you can do for yourself. You’re basically giving yourself 24/7 protection from the winter chills. Mine is only red, so it’s a subtle Christmas vibe, but I have one at my parents house that literally has “Merry Christmas” written all over it! Plus, it was only $10 at Walmart!

Stock Up on the Cozy Drinks

My apartment is full of tea on a normal day, but now my little hot drink cubby is literally overflowing! I’ve added in hot cocoa and am currently searching for a tea advent calendar! You can even put your hot drinks on display in the kitchen for all of your guests to see (and be ultra jealous of)!

Put Up Some Lights

Saving lights for your tree is basic. I say, put them everywhere. They add a little charm year round, but they definitely can boost the festive flair in December! I keep mine up around my bed for some soft evening lighting.

Add Some (Faux) Foliage

Just like the lights, I keep fake flowers up year round. I decided to swap out my normal purple and pink hues, for some greens, reds, and browns. I got all of these at Walmart for $1 each and simply popped them into an old Sephora bag. I recommend tucking your fake flowers into unexpected places to keep things fun and fresh!

Do you put up any seasonal decorations?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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