The Perfect $5 DIY Friendship Gift – Blogmas Day 11

Good morning, y’all! If you saw last night’s post, then you know that I spent a lot of time baking up some cookies for my friends (and for myself)! I did mention that I was giving the cookies away as gifts, but you better believe that in true infomercial fashion there is more! So, if you’re running low on time and on funds and need to put together a little gift bag for your friends, here is how you do it!

The Contents

  • Cookies: Who doesn’t love cookies? I baked mine about two to three days before the planned distribution and picked out two flavors: chocolate chip and double chocolate. While it’s a classic blend, I think it adds a little wow factor to tell your friends that you love them so much that you’d bake 2 batches of cookies for them!
  • Sheet Masks: I picked these up from the Dollar General for $1 a pop! I think that sheet masks are one of the few skincare products that can be effective even at a low price. None of these are going to do anything particularly life changing for my friends’ faces, but they can still use them for some casual pampering!
  • Fuzzy Socks: I didn’t photograph these, but I bought some socks for my friends. Why you ask? Because you can never own too many socks! I want my friends to protect their limbs from the elements this winter season. Who doesn’t love the gift of safety?
  • The Gift Bag: When you give your friends a bag of stuff, they’re getting two gifts for the free price of one! Yeah, they get to enjoy all the stuff in the bag, but you also keep them from having to waste money on packaging for a gift for someone else. They can simply snip off your gift tag and use the gift again!

What’s your go-to friendship gift?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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