Last Minute Amazon Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 14

Hey, y’all! Last week I treated you all to some low price beauty gifts for the beauty lover in your life. Now, I’m back with a list for you all who thrive on Amazon and hate shopping early. That’s right, I’m coming for you procrastination squad! Here are some unique, last minute Amazon gifts that will allow you to get the most out of your Prime shipping (or your high cost express shipping or your regular price regular shipping)!

Animal Cup Morning Mug – $10

This mug is like a surprise that never ends! Not only does this recipient get a cute new hot beverage holder, but their drink will reveal a little animal as they get closer to the end! It’s just a gift that keeps on giving!

A Rustic Planner – $10

Give your friends the gift of organization! Normally, I would endorse a full on planner, but as a self-proclaimed planner snob, I’d recommend not buying someone a planner that could wreck their whole life. Instead, go for a casual notepad full of planner sheets that the recipient can use on an “as needed” basis!

Cactus Jewelry Tray – $13

You know what the kids these days love? Cacti! They’re cute, but prickly and dangerous, which is everyone’s favorite combination! As such, this jewelry tray is the perfect plant-based solution for a jewelry lover’s organizational needs!

Lavender Aromatherapy Spray – $14

Give the gift of sweet dreams! This is a lavender oil based spray that should help induce rest and relaxation vibes to help achieve the deepest of sleeps. The reviews for this product are amazing and it seems like it would be a great addition to anyone’s night routine!

Harry Potter, but with More Pictures – $25

Is there a Harry Potter fanatic in your life? Are you tired of hearing them go on and on about the movies and the books and their house and their favorite Harry Potter-based podcast? Well, buy them a fancy, shmancy Harry Potter book full of illustrations to keep them occupied for a day or two. It’s kind of like a gift for the both of you!

A Candle that Smells Like Home – $30

Call me a little Tennessee obsessed, but I would personally love to bring the scent of my home state with me everywhere I go! Homesick Candles has a unique scent for every state! Buy a personalized one for your favorite people, or buy them the Colorado scented candle simply because the state is literally just a square!

Cordless Electric Kettle – $30

Tea fiends, unite! I don’t know whether or not you have a tea-obsessed loved one (or cider obsessed or hot cocoa obsessed), but this may be the perfect gift for them! Let them heat water for their tea wherever, whenever, without being chained down by cords!

Electric Throw Blanket – $35

It is cold weather season, friends. Maybe you can’t be there to offer warm cuddles to a loved one, but you can hug them in spirit when they’re wrapped up in their brand new heated throw blanket!

What’s your go-to last minute gift?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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