Holiday Makeup Lookbook – Blogmas day 18

Season’s greetings, y’all! It’s almost Christmas and New Year’s and I have tons of places that I need to get my face extra fancy for. I’ve got to go to Walmart, Target, the mall … I can’t be there with a basic face. If you’re looking for some holiday-ready inspiration for your next shopping trip (or a swanky party), then look no further! Here is my holiday makeup lookbook!

Her Purple Majesty

So you’re thinking, “I need to be glam, but still original!” You already know what all of the other basics are going to be wearing to the party – red and gold! Snazz things up again by adding some purple into the mix!

For this look, I did a purple shadow with flecks of gold glitter all over the lid and a little into the crease. Then I popped some gold onto the center of the lid and paired it with a bold red lip. You get the classics – gold and red – with a bit of unexpected flair!

Blushing with Excitement

KathleenLights, my YouTube queen, recently dropped a special holiday collaboration with ColourPop. Unfortunately, my debit card said, “No,” so I will not be buying the collab, but I was still very inspired by it. In the release video, she’s wearing this super pink eye look and I was like, “Wow, come through blush-toned Christmas!” And so I made my own version!

In this look, I dipped into all of my pink toned palettes. I started off the eyes by working a burgundy tone into the crease and put a high shine pink over the lid. Then I popped on a lot of blush and a glossy nude lip.

Subtle Candy Cane Vibes

I love candy canes. They’re a cute and delicious addition to any Christmas tree and provide an easy way to spice up your bland hot cocoa! I let that inspiration flow through me, which led me to this red and white look!

For this look, I began by working burgundy into my crease. Then, I cut the inner half of my crease with concealer and packed a creamy white shade on top. After that, I made a bold wing with the same red lipstick that I have on my lips! Please pray that I don’t get pink eye!

What’s your go-to holiday glam look?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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