Holiday Nail Lookbook – Blogmas Day 24

Hello y’all! My name is Liv and I am a born again nail enthusiast! There was a period of time in which I never painted my nails and now I paint them every week! It’s a ritual of sorts! That’s why I decided that I needed to add some holiday flavor to my ritual in light of this holiday season. Here is my holiday nail lookbook that is hot and ready for all of the Christmas and New Year’s Day festivities that I was not invited to!

Duochrome Glitter Nails

I had a vision for what these nails would be and they turned into something else completely. In my head, I imagined golden nails with light silver ombre effect. Unfortunately, there was not a sponge for ombre-ing to be found in my home, so I had to improvise! In the end, I got this almost duochrome gold-silver look that reminds me of my parents’ most glittery (and, thus, the messiest) Christmas ornament!

To get this look, I started off with a metallic gold polish from The Color Workshop (as are most of the polishes in this loobook). Then I went in with a thin layer of a finely milled silver glitter polish with a clear base. Next, I went in with another layer of the silver, concentrating it toward the tip of the nail. Finally, I topped it off with the Kiss Jet Dry Top Coat!

Classic Colors

This is a combination of the two most ostentatious nail colors that I would normally never wear on my nails: red and gold. Oddly enough, they’ve both been growing on me! I decided to combine them with this super simple nail art!

For this look, I started with a red base. Then I topped it off with a fine red glitter polish. Now, I’ll shared my secret: top off your nails with a quick dry top coat before you do any nail art. I gave them about 10 minutes to “jet dry” before placing a piece of tape from the top corner of my nail to the mid point of the other side. I painted on the gold, immediately removed the tape, and then topped it all of with some more of my Jet Dry Top Coat!

Is It Midnight Yet?

Though the other nail looks that I put together were ultra festive, these ones give me total NYE vibes! Despite that, these are the nails that I’m actually wearing into Christmas! They’re black – my favorite nail color – and show off my newly acquired, underdeveloped ombre skills!

To get these nails, I started with a black base with a little bit of glitter in it. Then I made sure that I didn’t play myself by going in with my quick dry top coat. Next, I whipped out my brand new cosmetic wedge sponge, painted on a strip of silver glitter polish, and got to tap, tap, tapping on the tip of my nails! I did my best and then sealed it with one last coat of Jet Dry.

Do you dazzle up your nails for the holidays?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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