2018 Goals Recap

Cheers, y’all! I began 2018 with very high hopes! I made two posts full of semi-realistic goals for this year and am ready to see if I cashed in on my dreams!

Blogging Goals

Gain 500+ Followers

This goal is a check! I think I finished off 2017 with a little over 300 of y’all tuning in for my high quality posts. Now, there are 650 of you! So, hello, new friends! Thanks for rocking with me and I hope you keep rocking with me throughout 2019!

Post (at least) Twice a Week

I won’t say that this was a huge flop, because I was fairly consistent – I just wasn’t two posts a week consistent! I started off really strong, but then graduation came, I started grad school and a new part time job, and all good things in my life ended! Here’s to doing better next year!

Include More Personal Posts

I think I have done some personal posts, but definitely not in the way that I had originally envisioned. While I haven’t done too many, “Let’s get deep and share out our heaviest thoughts,” type posts, I have done a lot of lifestyle posts and that makes me happy!

Test More DIY Products

I think I’ve done like two DIY themed posts – one where I shared my sugar scrub and another on my not so DIY Christmas gift ideas. That being said, I’m also not too sad about this. I don’t have a super strong passion (or the time) for most things in the DIY realm and I only want to blog about the things I’m passionate about!

Improve My Instagram Presence

Now this definitely didn’t happen! I tried to make it a bit more manageable by collecting tags in my Samsung Notes app and downloading pictures from my posts, but I still struggled to find the time to actually post! I think I need to start scheduling those posts just like I do with my blogs posts!

Personal To-Do List

Go To Chicago

So I never got to go to Chicago, but a lot of my friends did! I was going to go for Easter break, but it was way too expensive! Now, I’m unemployed so my financial situation is even worse and I literally have no time to go anywhere that’s more than 2 hours away. Hopefully, I’ll get to go next year once I start working again!

Graduate Magna Cum Laude

I did this! Ya girl is a true academic! I never really talk about my school life that often, but I was really out here doing it! This past May I graduated with a 3.89 and it was one of the happiest moments of my life! I got hooded, shed some tears, and then went to Subway! It was glorious!

Start Graduate School

I did this! And I’m ready to be done with doing this! Like, I’m very grateful to be in graduate school and all and I’ll probably be so proud of myself when I graduate, but wow! I’m so tired all of the time and I’m graying and I don’t really do much now except for go to school, do my classwork, watch Netflix, and then sleep. On the bright side, my GPA has never been better! I just found out that I have a 4.0!

Take Up Russian … Again

This is another true flop. Like, I have very little motivation to continue and that makes me sad. That being said, I did recently follow Russian YouTube queen, MakeUpKaty, on Instagram and I always try to decipher her posts independently before hitting the translate button. Has it helped a ton? No, but I can now recognize sponsored content and discount codes in two languages!

Take More Pictures

I haven’t done this, mainly because I have done few things that I deemed picture worthy. I don’t really leave my house much anymore and when I do, the destination is usually Kroger. Again, this might be more of a 2019 ready goal, when my life is on the up-and-up.

Did you accomplish your goals?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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3 thoughts on “2018 Goals Recap

  1. Great recap and what accomplishments you’ve made! More followers that you aimed for, graduating summa cum laude and starting graduate school – you busy woman you! Congratulations and have an equally wonderful new year! -Rebecca

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