2019 To-Do List

Hello, New Year! You are looking fine! 2018 was kind of rough, so I am really hoping that 2019 will do me a solid and be fairly decent. I’m not asking for this year to be amazing or fantastic, just decent. And because I am a woman who likes to map things out and loves to make lists, I have some plans for making the year as decent as possible. Here is my 2019 to-do list!

Up My Meal Prep Game

I used to meal prep all of the time over the summer and really thought that I would keep it up. Then, summer ended and so did my meal preps. Meal prepping keeps me eating healthier and cheaper, so I really want to get into the habit of doing it again. I recently bought a set of meal prep containers, so hopefully that will be the inspiration I need. Additionally, I want to challenge myself to make better and more adventurous meals where I try out things I’ve never had before, like asparagus or spaghetti squash!

Go on Another Friendship Trip

Last year my friends and I went on an adventure to Nashville, TN! I had a really great time and would love to do something like that again. Unfortunately, travel costs can be pricey and none of my friends feel comfortable driving for more than 30 minutes! Thankfully, I now have a car and have already made some multi-hour trips in it, so I would totally love to bring my friends to a new city that we can explore for a weekend!

Keep a Journal

I had a very interesting experience 2 years ago where a woman “read my heart” and told me that I have a lot of anxiety that I keep bottled up. And she was not wrong at all! I am stressed pretty much all the time and have a lot of trouble putting those fears out into the world. This year I want to start journaling as a way to confront my thoughts and anxieties. I generally find vulnerability to be very difficult, so I think a great first step might be getting vulnerable with the pages of a notebook!

Do Yoga Every Week

Again, I am a very anxious person and one thing that helped me throughout undergrad was yoga. I occasionally do Yoga with Adrienne videos, but nothing truly worked quite like consistently attending a class. Currently, I can’t afford the classes, but I do want to get into the routine of doing a yoga practice on a consistent basis until my wallet is more popping. I also want to experiment with more apps and videos so I can find the ones that best meets my needs.

Practice Kindness

I’m not a demon who always cuts everyone in the self-checkout line of your local grocery store or anything like that. I have simply realized that there is room for me to grow into a kinder person. I had a long talk with my brother about kindness last month and realized that I could be a better person. I want to listen more and be a lot more intentional about the way I live so that I can be kinder to those around me and the earth that we live on.

What do you want to do in 2019?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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