The Best (and Worst) of Shop Miss A

If you don’t know by now, I am a little bit obsessed with the Miss A website. They always have new, cheap products to test out and if you tell me that I can get my highlight on for $1, I’m going to try it out! And so I’ve tried out a lot of things and am ready to share the best and worst of Miss A.

The Best

AOA Glow Baby Liquid Highlighters

I have a full review on these highlighters here, but to give you the quick rundown, they’re amazing. They’re $1.55 each or $5.55 for the full set of all 5 shades and will totally help you reach your desired glow level! Mix them in your foundation or pile them on your cheekbones (or do both)!

ESFOLIO Sheet Masks

I’m not promising that these masks are life changing, but if you’re trying to be on that “mask every night” grind, then these are for you! They have super cute packaging!, hydrate the skin, and are only $1!

AOA Go Brow Mascara

aoa go brow mascara

This is a product that I never imagined as a staple in my beauty routine, but here we are! This product shapes, holds, plumps, and tints your brow! It’s a quadruple threat! On light makeup days, I literally just wear this and some concealer and on pretty much every other day, I use it to finish off my whole brow look!

AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil

I never understood the triangle brow pencil trend – and I still don’t – but boy do I love this triangle pencil! I like a pencil that’s very firm and while this could stand to be a bit more firm, I’ll overlook it for a dollar! It’s easy to use, lasts all day long, and has a spoolie on the end. I’m buy them in bulk!


I’ve tried a few lashes from Miss A from both the AOA brand and Kara lashes and I loved them all! I’ve tried $1 lashes from other places before and they’ve all committed my ultimate lash sins: uneven bands, inconsistent lash spacing, and too much shine (I’m not a Barbie doll)! Thankfully, these lashes have committed no lash sins! The bands are strong, but super thin and all of the lashes are the right mix of dramatic and natural!

The Worst

AOA Wonder Cover Concealer

The good thing about these concealers is that there’s a huge shade range and they’re super cheap. But that’s pretty much all I like about them. They’re really thick, blend poorly, and dry out my skin. I like a creamy concealer that leaves a dewy finish and this ain’t it. Read my full thoughts here.

Amuse All Day Mascara

If you go on the Miss A website, you will find that this product has great reviews and I have no clue why! It’s so stringy and goopy and it basically turns your lashes into plastic when it dries. It’s so hard to apply and remove. The only truly good thing about this mascara is the price.

AOA Perfect Setting Powder

Again, another product with great reviews that I can’t stand! I have combination skin, so I need a product that will control the mid-day oil flare without ripping all of the moisture out of my skin. This product is fine with the oil control, but not with the moisture. Read all the gory details here.

Have you ever shopped at Miss A?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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