Ghost of Weekends Past

Hey, y’all! It’s been a minute since I last posted and before I get back into the full swing of things, I thought I would do a bit of a “life update.” Typically, my life is super boring, but one of my goals for the new year was to go outside more and I’ve been hitting it! From fancy fundraisers to weekend road trips, I’ve done it all! Buckle up!

Launch Process Coffee

One of my friends is super plugged in to everything that happens in the city and put my roommate and I in the know about a Japanese food popup shop at a local coffee shop. The food in my opinion … kind of eh, but the ambiance and random bath items that they sold were definitely up my alley. Everything was kind of a cool-spooky-cute theme, which is my jam!

A Failed Brunch Trip

My friends and I were planning a trip to St. Louis and I needed to get my oil changed before I left. I decided to go to Jiffy Lube around opening time and then treat myself to brunch with some friends. Let me tell you, this was a flop! The Jiffy Lube opened 45 minutes late, which meant that all of the local brunch places were packed by the time I got done. I spent about 30 minutes waiting to get seated at a restaurant only to realize that I hated almost everything on the menu.

I wasn’t going to play myself twice, so we went to a breakfast spot that we were already familiar with to salvage our morning. Great food and morning tea? Definitely a win! Then we went to a nearby international market where I got to try some date cookies.


One of my friends knows some fancy people and scored some invites to a very fancy fundraiser at the Stax Museum. I had never been before, but I really enjoyed it – even though I imagine it’s much different during normal touring hours. My highlights include: mini bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes, standing 4 feet away from an NBA player (even though I had no clue who he was), and listening to some amazing live music!

St. Louis Trip

My friends and I went on a trip to St. Louis to surprise another one of our friends. We got to see her in a play, see the parking garage that messed up her car, and spend way too much time in World Market!

How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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