I’ll Never Be an Instagram Model – (Window) Shopping at F21

Good morning y’all! Recently, I’ve been playing with the idea of revamping my wardrobe! The only problem is that I don’t actually have that much money! While I would love to invite you all to join me on a major shopping trip, that just isn’t in the cards right now. That being said, I can invite you on a major window shopping trip at one of my favorite places – Forever 21! Get pumped!

Even though this is a fashion trip, I’m a makeup enthusiast at heart! How can I pass out the opportunity to check out Forever 21 makeup??? I have tried some of the makeup products from F21 a few years back and they were ridiculously terrible. Like, wow, wow, wow! They weren’t good! That being said, I am very interested in what changes they’ve made since then!

Alright, so F21 sells a lot of brands that I know like L’Oreal and Maybelline, but I don’t care about that! I really want to see the stuff I can only get at their store, like this $5 contour palette with 0 reviews! I like the aesthetic of the packaging, though I think some of the shades are a bit too warm for contouring.

This looks like something I would buy and completely wreck my life with! The packaging is right up my ally and I love buying nudes that make it look like I’ve been eating powdered donuts. If I was going to dabble in their makeup, this is definitely what I’d go for! I also like how they’re really pushing me to buy that outfit – which is totally something I’d wear! The question is, how could they tell just by my makeup picks?

Next, I decided to check out some of the themed clothing selections from the homepage. I secretly dream of becoming an Instagram model and all of these looks seem like they’d help me accomplish my goals. I’m especially living for that dress in the middle!

Found it and it’s at a really decent price! Or, at least a decent price for someone with some disposable income. I’m rocking on more of a $5 budget right now, so this isn’t for me. I’m also glad that it has an actual review! Apparently, it’s very low cut, but that just tells me that it’s super Instagram model ready!

Here are more looks that make me think my dreams can come true (so long as I ignore the price – I refuse to pay $25 for that bag). Everything is extra, but not too extra! I love it!

I stand corrected! It’s too extra! Way too extra! I appreciate the idea behind this. Picture this: It’s summer time. You’re so glad that you’ve got all these front vents on your pants to allow good air circulation, but wish that action was going on in the back. Wait a second! It is! There are front and back air vents! Unfortunately, the look is too much for me, but I can enjoy the science behind it! What I don’t enjoy, though, is the fact that they only come in 3 sizes. Jeans should always come in at least 15 sizes!

This is a … look??? It’s honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Pros: I love a pair of shorts that you can belt. Cons: Where do I go in my zebra fit? How do I score an invite to an occasion where this is needed?

I think this is a little more my style for the summer. I wouldn’t say that I love all of these boho looks, but I like that they all look very breathable.

Wow! Look at me getting up to date on all of the latest trends. I remember a few years ago when Kimonos had a big moment and I’m glad to see them back again. They’re great for so many things – covering up your swimsuit at the beach, adding extra flavor to your outfit, concealing all of the sweat stains on your clothes because it’s 100 degrees out and sweating is natural!

Truly a look! I’m so sad that I didn’t have my shoulders exposed more often last spring and summer, but this might be my time! Or, it would be if I had even the $17.90 to spare for this bodysuit. Regardless, it’s beautiful and I’m sure me and my shoulders would look beautiful wearing it!

So these are the suggestions from that bodysuit’s page and wow, wow, wow! They really get me! Looks at these clothes. A black bodysuit (because dark colors will cover up the summer sweats)! A bell sleeve top (because I’m a southern belle at heart)! And a striped crop top (because I like stripes)!

And now we come to the end of my window shopping excursion. Thank you so much for joining me and I hope you do some great window shopping (or real shopping) of your own today!

Do you window shop online?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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