Opening My Wallet for Another Shop Miss A Haul!

Hey y’all! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, but I can promise you that my love for cheap beauty products did not fade in my absence! In fact, I made yet another Miss A purchase while I was away from the blog and I am ready to show off the goods. This post is a little bit of a haul, a little bit of a first impressions, and a little bit of a preview of posts to come. Enjoy!

The Face

As you may know, everything on the Miss A website is $1, which is why I was very interested in trying out their $1 foundation collections. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything promising in my shade, so that dream could not be realized in that moment. Instead, I repurchased the Glow Baby Highlighter in Goddess and decided to try out the AOA Powder Blushes in Wispy and Stunner. I like the formula and the wear of them, but unfortunately Wispy, which I thought would be a nice muted peach color, looks a little too dusty on my skin.

The Eyes

I’ve been waiting to try the AOA Fat Lash Mascara for months and not only was it in stock, but they accidentally sent me two! Unfortunately, I’m not a fan. The formula is kind of gel like, which I hate, and it doesn’t bring my lashes to ultimate thickness. That being said, I did get some products that I actually love. I repurchased my go-to brow combo (the AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil + Go Brow Mascara). I also bought some LA Colors Auto-Eyeliners and they are winning products! They aren’t the best eyeliners on the market, but they do the trick for $1!

The Lips

Because my lips tend to be so crusty and sad, the only lip product that I really intended to buy was the AOA Sugar Lip Scrub. As you can see, I bought it in the honey flavor and it works A-okay! That being said, I did get distracted and someway, somehow ended up adding these Amuse Precious Stone Matte Lipglosses to my cart. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cute packaging!

The Tools

In addition to actual makeup products, I bought a couple of things that would overall help me up my makeup game. I restocked on my Creme Shop Eyelash Glue, which really is not the best glue in the world, but does more than I’d expect for $1. I also decided to try out the new Microfiber Wonder Blender. I remember watching a bunch of YouTube videos on them last year and I’m ready to put this one to the test! Expect a review soon!

These are my current goods from the Miss A website, but I’m sure that there will be way more to come within the next few months. The deals are just too good! In the mean time, feel free to keep rocking with me as I share my full thoughts on the Microfiber Wonder Blender and the Amuse Precious Stone Matter Lipglosses later this month!

Do you shop at Miss A?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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