Elf HD Lifting Concealer Review

Recently I came into a little bit of money that could exclusively be used at my school’s bookstore. Because I already have enough books that I’m procrastinating on reading, I decided to use my funds on something a little bit more exciting: makeup. As such, I bought some products from one of my favorite brands, Elf – which is, coincidentally, the only brand that the bookstore carries! This week I’m sharing my thoughts on my newly purchased Elf HD Lifting Concealer!


Let it be known, the boxing that Elf products come in is a scam! Though the box my concealer came in was quite tall, you only get .256 oz of product, which is the least I’ve ever received! Of course, it’s only $3, so you win some and you lose some. Though the product is tiny, it claims to pack a big punch by being lightweight, long-wearing, and nourishing. It contains vitamin C, mulberry, and green tea which will help it both cover up and repair all of your “imperfections.”

Oh, no!

In my opinion, the main drawbacks of this product is the size and the color selection. As I said earlier, you only get .256 oz of product which is tiny! It’s even less than in my $4 Wet n Wild PhotoFocus concealer, which gives you about .3 full oz for a dollar more. Additionally, this concealer only comes in 3 shades: fair, light, and medium. That is the true scam as I’m wearing the darkest color as a highlighting concealer! It’s a product that I couldn’t share with most of my friends and that definitely steals some of it’s shine!

Oh, yeah!

This is going to sound a little wild, but I’m pretty indifferent about coverage when it comes to concealer. That being said, this concealer does have great coverage and covers up all of the darkness under my eyes. You can’t even tell that grad school is draining out all of my life force! I also don’t care much about creasing, but this isn’t really a problem with this concealer anyway. It creases just about as much as you can expect from any concealer.

What I really care about getting from my concealers is a comfortable application with a long wear time. I have a lot of dryness in the areas where I traditionally place concealer, so I always looks for a hydrating formula with a soft applicator. The formula of this one is great. Despite it’s great coverage, it feels pretty watery and leaves behind a nice dewy/natural finish. It doesn’t have the world’s fluffiest applicator, but it’s gentle enough that my under-eyes still feel pampered when I’m done.

What’s your favorite budget-friendly concealer?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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