Winged Liner in 30 Seconds or Less?! Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner Review

Hey y’all! For the past couple of months, I’ve been rocking a more “natural” beat. I’m talking fresh glowy fact, zero eyeliner, long lashes, and a nude lip (if I even wear a lip at all). It’s essentially a drama free look, which is odd because I used to live for drama. My everyday look was literally a bronzy eye, a bold wing, and a chic red lip. In the spirit of having my own personal blast from the past, I decided to retry two of my faves: bold wings and liquid liner pens! As such, I decided to take this $4 Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner Pen for a spin!

First Things First

As I said, this is a $4 pen and in some ways, you kind of get what you pay for, as it only comes with 0.088 oz. of product. It’s shorter and chubbier than I’m used to, but I think that means it’ll be great on the go! It has a semi-thick tapered felt tip, which should offer a great contrast between a quick, bold swatch of color and finer lines. I also upped the intensity by picking mine up in the shade Blackest Black.

That’s So Sad

Boy do I have a bone to pick with this eyeliner! I’m not really a fan of the design. It’s really thick, which really inhibits its functionality. Essentially the only part of the pen that really holds product is the base. This means that it’s super easy to line my lashline, because you can quickly drag it across that area, but not to do an actual wing.

Lashline Only
Attempt at a Wing

The tip of the pen doesn’t produce a lot of product and kind of crumbles off when you use it. That means I have to make a lot of passes when creating my wing, which actually wipes off the product that was deposited before. Also, because the pen itself is so thick, it completely blocks my view when I’m doing my wings. That is a problem I’ve literally never had before!

I’m So Glad

There are pros to this pen. First of all, it does give me a super quick wing application. Yes, the wing looks absolutely terrible, but I save so much time because I can just do a quick swipe over the lashline. There’s no dipping back into a pot to get more product or working with finicky brushes.

Additionally, I do like the color and wear of the liner. It is a pretty intense black and once it’s on, it stays on. I have the world’s oiliest eyelids, but this product still manages to rock with me all day!

In the end, I can’t see myself buying this product again. It’s really only good for doing a quick dash of liner across my lashline, which is not really what I’m trying to do when I use a liquid liner. Yes, it’s black and it lasts all day, but the fact that I can’t do a decent wing with it really kills my vibes. I’ll stick with my Elf Cream Eyeliner. It may take longer to apply, but it’s $1 cheaper and gives me some of my best winged looks!

What’s your favorite eyeliner pen?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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