Under $80 Autumn Room Transformation

Hey y’all! Fall is in the air and I am an autumnal fool! That’s why I spent money giving my apartment an fall inspired transformation. Fall is my favorite season. I love the beautiful colors, the crisp cool air, the autumn spices, and the coziness of being wrapped up in seasonally appropriate sweaters. So why not bring all of those vibes into my living setup! Here is my autumn room transformation – and it’s all under $80!

The Bed, The Tea

Here’s the deal. This transformation would have been under $30, but I made some wild buys when it came to my bed. It’s the place where I spend most of my time at home, so I knew that it was important to go in on that setup. The most expensive buys were the mustard yellow blanket from Target and the “Give Thanks.” pillow from Homegoods. But it’s all about the vibe right?

My vibe for this section of my room was to tap into greens and golds. The first product that I bought was the green banner, so everything else really had to work together to match those colors. I didn’t want the look to scream “witch” or “pumpkin” so I stayed away from orange and tapped more into a deeper burgundy and gold palette.

The Library

This is definitely the spot where I had the most fun. I started out with these small golden 90 cent pumpkins from Walmart. I wanted a mix of glam and traditional rustic – can you guess that I was a Fixer Upper stan? – so I also brought in some classic orange pumpkins. My lantern shaped wax warmer is a staple of this area and really plays up these fall vibes – especially now that it’s giving off spicy apple cider scents! Then, I threw some rustic autumn signs on the walls and we were ready to go.

The Bathroom

Yes, my bathroom is festive and cute and, yes, yours should be too! I got this really simple sign from the Dollar Tree (fun fact, my mom also bought one unbeknownst to me!) and a small shadow box from the Dollar General. The real standout, though, is this floral arrangement. Truly, my favorite part of seasonal decor is putting together these natural elements that really set the mood. I used this one to really play with a lot of hues, including, plums, oranges, and yellows.

My decor philosophy is have fun and ball on a budget. I found a lot of my pieces for under a $3 and really worked to draw from color palettes outside of that normal orange and brown mood. Choose a center, make a budget, and then go crazy!

Do you decorate for fall?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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