Help! I’m Obsessed with SHEIN!

Hey, y’all! I’m going to preface this by saying that never in my life have I shopped at SHEIN. It always seemed like one of those weird online brands with sizing that made no sense and clothes that were ripped off from other labels and that probably wouldn’t arrive at my door until next November. But – there’s always a but – I’ve recently become obsessed with Kerina Wang and she is a SHEIN queen. And, well, now I want to be a SHEIN queen too! I still haven’t mustered up the courage (and the coins) to buy anything yet, but here are some of the products on my radar!

SHEIN Drop Shoulder Striped Sweater Dress

Credit: SHEIN

This is the product that started it all. I watched Kerina do a huge SHEIN haul where she paired this sweater dress with some over the knee boots and I thought, “I too have high boots. All I’m missing is the sweater dress.” And it was such a vibe, such a look that I almost overlooked the state of my bank account and added it to my shopping cart!

SHEIN Neon Orange High Neck Waffle Knit Pompom Sweater

Credit: SHEIN

I’m currently in the market for some fun, fancy sweaters. I’m doing my best to invest in high quality basic sweaters that will last for many winters to come, but when it comes to random trendy sweaters like this, I’m looking for a real deal. I feel like the combination of the bright orange and the pompoms really will make the outfit for you. Throw on some jeans and everyone will think you did the most, even when you really did the least!

Lace-Up Flounce Sleeve Jumper

Credit: SHEIN

I’ve recently been obsessed with flounce sleeve sweaters. Again, it’s another piece that does all of the work of the outfit for you. I feel like this would look so cool with some black leggings or – dare I say – faux leather leggings and some heeled ankle booties. Wow, someone stop me! We’re getting wild on the blog today!

Frill Rib Knit Trim Jumper

Credit: SHEIN

Why does this look like something that your cat obsessed grandma would buy you??? But I think that explains why I love it. Not only do I love cats, but I also intentionally seek out grandma approved sweaters from the Goodwill. This sweater really gives me such cute and cozy vibes. Like I would totally wear this with my fleece lined leggings. fuzzy socks, and boots.

Zip Back Tweed Skirt

Credit: SHEIN

If you watch Kerina Wang, then you know that this skirt is right up her ally. She loves a good plaid or tweed mini skirt and now I do, too! I’m just imagining myself with this skirt and a comfy sweater, strolling around my local IKEA and living my best bougie life. Also, this skirt has what many mini skirts do not: pockets.

SHEIN Box Pleated Self Belted Skirt

Credit: SHEIN

Here is a very work appropriate look for all of my fellow working ladies and non-ladies. I love the rich burgundy color and the huge bow belt. Normally I stay away from skirts that go below the knee, because I’m only about 4’11″/5′ and the long style looks tragic against my baby legs. But, it has a high waist and I have a vision of wearing it with black tights and some heeled black booties to elongate the legs.

SHEIN Tiered Bell Sleeve Solid Blouse

Credit: SHEIN

THE SLEEVES!!! I can’t handle all of the bell sleeved goodness! Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a vintage style kick (well, as you may be able to tell, I’ve been on a lot of different kicks) and flowy bell sleeves really speak to me. I’m specifically obsessed with the volume of the sleeves. Like some shirts just have like a modest, shy bell going on. Like, they give you a little wave at the party and then go over to the snack table (honestly, me). And some shirts, like this one have a loud bell! Like it comes through the door solo, jangalangin’, singing way too loud to all the music and I just love that vibe.

So anyway, thank you to Kerina. I don’t know her, but nonetheless, she is about to be the inspiration for my depleted bank account.

What stores are you currently obsessed with?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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