Liv’s Christmas Sale Breakdown

Hey, y’all! I’m on a quest for decor festivities, and I’m not going to let my limited budget stop me. Today, I went out on the hunt for the cutest Christmas decor at the best prices and I’m ready to share the results. I went to 6 different stores – Kirkland’s Home, Ross, Painted Tree Marketplace, Five Below, Michael’s and TJ Maxx -and I’m ready to share the results. Here is my Christmas decor sale breakdown!

Kirkland’s Home

I had no plans to go to Kirkland’s until I saw that they were having a 30% off sale on everything in store! Ordinarily, Kirkland’s would be a little out of my usual price range, but the deal brought most of the decor items to around the $15 – $25 range and the festive throw blankets were about $10. Though, I didn’t buy anything from the store, I would recommend hitting them up for the throws and all of the Grinchmas collection decor.

Ross Dress for LEss

I’m already obsessed with Ross when it comes to clothes, but they do pretty alright in the Christmas festivities department! In terms of gifts, I found some great chocolate sets and cheap electronics. The area that I think they really excelled at was with the candles! Unfortunately, I hate most winter scents (so much pine – yikes!) and I have an incredibly weak sense of smell, but I still found some gorgeous and delicious gems in their collection! And they were all under $10. Like, Bath and Body Works who?

Painted Tree MArketplace

This was my first trip to Painted Tree Marketplace and it was a delight! They mainly exist in the south and house a collection of vendors from your local area. As such, items vary by store, but my store had a collection that felt very farmhouse chic. It was a little pricey, but I’m fine with that because shopping there supports local business owners! I would recommend it if you’re into homemade and unique goods. I didn’t buy anything, but all of the vendor setups were great for finding inspiration for my own apartment!

Five Below

I really only popped my head into Five Below out of sheer curiosity, but I did find a couple of good finds. They had some throw pillows for $5 – which I think is the right price for something that only gets about a month’s worth of use throughout the year. I also saw some cute wall decor for $3 and $5. They definitely aren’t items that will last for decades, but if you want a cute, quick, and inexpensive transformation or like to change things up year to year, you might want to give Five Below a go!


When it comes to Christmas florals and tree decor, Michael’s is the spot! For starters, their seasonal decor is typically 50-60% off, which I learned around Halloween, and the deals hold up into Christmastime. All florals were 60% off and the tree, home decorations, and holiday baking items were at least 50% off. Plus, I got an extra discount for being a teacher! To put the sale into perspective, I bought a throw pillow with an original price of $25. I bought the pillow, twine, ornaments, scented pine cones, and a miniature pine tree for $20. Can you believe it? Because I barely can and I’m the one who foot the bill!

TJ Maxx

This was my final stop of the day and while I didn’t get much, TJ Maxx definitely has some great gems. They’re a pretty good destination for food and beauty gift sets, candles, and various tchotkes. I was super impressed by all of the black Santa figurines! I didn’t buy any, but if I did, they would definitely be from TJ Maxx. It’s 2019 – I exclusively have room in my heart for Santas of color!

The Final Verdict

All together, there was great stuff at all of the stores, but I think Michael’s had the greatest value. All of the seasonal stuff was on sale and I think that’s what you really need for items that will be sitting in a box for 11 months out of the year!

Where do you buy your decor?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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