DIY Rustic Bell Garland

Hey, y’all! I’m currently in the process of crafting a new room transformation for the Christmas and winter season and this time around, I’m taking on a bit of a rustic vibe. My life really changed the day I watched Fixxer Upper for the first time and I’ve been obsessed with the whole farmhouse chic style ever since. That’s why, I decided to combine my love for Christmas with my love for country flair with this DIY farmhouse-ready garland! Keep reading to find out how to put together one of your own!


Small Bell Ornaments


Burlap Bows (Optional)

How to Do It

  1. Begin by measuring your twine. I wanted mine to hang on the wall above my bed, so I measured out the length of my bed plus an extra foot and a half and then duplicated that length. Because my twine was thin, I wanted to thread my bells on two pieces of twine, rather than one, to make it a little thicker so that my bells wouldn’t move around.
  2. Fold the twine in half and then wrap the with the two exposed ends with tape. Not only does the tape create a needle-like point that will make it 100x easier to string on the bells, but it prevents the twine from fraying at the ends.
  3. Begin stringing the bells onto the twine, leaving about 6 inches between each bell. Make sure that you leave 3 or so inches out at each end of the twine so that you’ll be able to tie them onto hooks to hang them up.
  4. Hang up the garland! I used clear miniature command hooks for string lights and simply tied the ends of the garland in a knot around the hooks. I like to have my garlands have areas where they fall and then gather for a little extra flair.
  5. I had little burlap bows from Michael and just tied them onto the hooks so that it would look like there were little ribbons holding up the garland. If you don’t have any bows though you can make some out of any leftover twine or leave the garland as is!

Do you like to DIY?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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