A Beau-Tea-ful Christmas Calendar

Hey, y’all and a happy late Christmas to you, if you celebrate! If you’re like me and have spent the entire month of December watching cheesy holiday romcoms, then you would know that advent calendars are a big part of the genre. Though my life is far from a romcom, this month I decided to gift myself in a little Christmas magic and buy the 24 Days of Tea advent calendar from David’s Tea and it’s been a beautiful month.

Last year, I went and did some after Christmas shopping and saw a tea advent calendar for sale in a local department store and some foolish part of my brain stopped me from buying it. And I’ve basically been grieving the love that almost was ever since. As such, I knew that I had to get one when this Christmas came around.

Also, did I mention that it came with some coupons??? I mean, I can’t use this one because I don’t live anywhere close to a physical store, but it’s the thought that counts!

I looked in store for them and could not find any (the holiday market really revolves around coffee and hot cocoa which, while fun, are not what I wanted)! I turned my search online and looked around and really only found about 3 options that weren’t wildly expensive. The David’s Tea calendar immediately stood out because it was super adorable and took a non-traditional festive color palette and is endorsed by my YouTube Tea Queen, Cristine of Simply Nailogical (she even had a coupon code!). And, as such, I popped it in my cart, gave them my cash, and had a large box of teas delivered to my home!

Each day I got to try out a new tea, that was nothing like anything I had before! I’m typically a black tea type of gal who fancies cinnamon and caramel flavors, so it was nice to expand my tea palette. Plus, December was a really hard month for me! My work-life balance was becoming pretty non-existent and it was nice to get to come home to a sweet treat every evening! I even did a daily unboxing on my Instagram stories (thanks to those who watched)!

Basically, the moral of this story is that this tea calendar kept me happy and thriving this winter season! I’m definitely going to go this route again next year and treat myself to another beau-tea-ful December! Also, if you’re interested in experiencing the fun, the remaining calendars are on currently 30% off of their original price and you can buy it here! This is in no way sponsored (though I would love a little Davide’s Tea hookup!) – I’m just a tea enthusiast looking to help out my fellow tea fanatics!

Did you have an advent calendar this year?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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