2020 To-Do List

Hey y’all! Last week I shared my 2019 goals recap and I loved it so much that I decided to follow it up with my goals for the new year. In part, this is me manifesting my continued blogging career! Now I kind of have to keep blogging until at least Jan 1st, 2021 so I can do another recap post. I’m sorry, those are the blogger rules! I don’t make them, I just follow them. And because I’m a follower, I am obligated to share my “resolutions”. Here is my annual to-do list!

Go on Another Friendship Trip

I think that I should make this goal every year, to be completely honest. It not only forces me to go outside, but it pushes me to do some social interaction. This isn’t to say that solo traveling isn’t in the cards, but that there are experiences that I specifically want to have with my friends and traveling to different places in the U.S. is one of them! I already have a destination in mind for this year, but I won’t share it (though I think it’s pretty obvious from my vision collage)!

Work Less, Relax More

When I became a teacher, I set out to stop myself from doing the two things my mentors told me happens to all new teachers: they cry at work and they have no life. This is not meant to be any shade to people who have these experiences, but I do think it’s a problem that these experiences are so normalized. No job should be so stressful and have such a rough adjustment period that it literally leads to breakdowns. That is unacceptable and truly a flaw in the system (I could talk about this all day long!!!!! – but I won’t!).

I can confirm that while my job did bring me close to tears once, they were happy tears (my students can be pretty inspirational when they want to be), I don’t really have a life. To be completely honest, I’ve never really had much of a social life, but teaching has had some negative consequences on my life. The work is literally never done and sometimes it’s so overwhelming that I just can’t do it. I think that some of this burden can be removed if I think of some new organizational solutions, get better at time management, and purposefully carve out moments for relaxation. Like, I gained a huge stash of bath bombs for Christmas and 2020 is the year that I need to put them to work!!!

Up My Style Game

Okay, so you know how everyone is always trying to tell you that you can still ball on a budget? Well, that may be true, but you still have to have some budget. I was an unemployed grad student for most of 2019 and financial stress truly stopped me from living my best life. 2020 is the year that I want to invest more in myself and one of the ways that I want to do it is by upping my wardrobe. I really played around with my fashion and wardrobe toward the end of 2019, though I rarely shared it on the blog. This year, I want to actually share my style journey on here and on Instagram. Fashion has always been a life long love for me and this year I really want that love to flourish.

Be Vulnerable with My Heart

This year, I want to actually pursue romance. Yikes, that sounded kind of gross, but it’s the truth! Last year, I dipped my toes into the dating pond and then I retreated. That being said, I’m so glad that I was brave enough to even try! I’ve stayed a single pringle for a few reasons: 1) fear, 2) very high standards, and 3) scientific research and my personal experience has shown me that it’s hard to find love as a college educated black woman (apparently, dude see black women and swipe left way more than they do for women of other races; it’s kind of like … a historical legacy of racism has an effect on social attitudes???? wow!). While I can’t do anything about reasons 2 and 3, I do have some control over reason 1. This year, I want to face my fears, put myself out there more, and maybe slide into a dm or 2.

Get the Coins in Order

Though my earlier words may imply that I intend to spend all of my money on clothes this year, I would be very upset if that actually happened. This year, I want to get better with my money. Though I’m a bougie queen who loves to shop, I don’t actually spend a lot of money. Yes, I could have better spending habits, but we’ll save that for 2021. My goal for 2020 is all about the savings. I want to become more intentional about putting money in my savings accounts and make better plans for what I want to do with this money later on. I really want to spend this year getting in the habit of saving and investing now so that I don’t have to stress out in 10 or so years when I want to buy like a house or an Audi or something.

And with that, I conclude my goals for the new year! Previously, I’ve done blogging and personal goals, but this year I just decided to do some consolidation and release just one post (new year, new me)! I look forward to manifesting this positivity in my life and wish you the best of luck in manifesting greatness as well!

What do you want to do in 2020?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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