5 Things I Loved This January

Hey y’all! It’s that time of the month again – the time where I introduce you into some pretty life changing stuff! My focus for January was sustainability and renewal. I wanted to set myself up for meeting some of the goals from my 2020 To-Do List and all around for living a positive life. This year, I want to manifest happiness, hydration, and sustainability for myself and the planet and all of this stuff brought me one step closer to my goals! Here are the things that I loved in January!

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Equate Beauty Plush Facial Cleansing Pad

I love a good makeup wipe, but do you know what else I love? The earth. As such, I’ve been on the hunt for something that would replace all of the makeup wipes that I’m used to buying. Micellar water was great, but the one I bought burned my eyes and worked the best with cotton pads, which kind of defeated the point. Then, I found this baby at Bargain Hunt and we are living it up! You just get it damp and then rub-a-dub-dub the makeup off! Of course, you still have to cleanse afterwards, but that’s something that you should be doing regardless. My life will never be the same!


When I was in middle school, my mom took me to get my brows threaded for the very first time and I turned into a new lady. At 13, I was awkward, sweaty (hyperhidrosis was out to wreck my life), and in the process of turning my hair into crispy potato sticks. But, whenever I got my brows threaded, I turned into a goddess. I was still awkward, sweaty, crispy-haired me, but I was me with better brows. You couldn’t tell me nothing!

At some point, I decided to make a return to my early teen self and begin getting my brows threaded and I confirm that, in the right hands, those threads still have the same magical powers. My brows have never looked better or been easier to fill! I would include a pic, but I like to let my brows grow out a bit before my next session so that the Brow Queens have something to work with. As you may guess, it’s time for my next session.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Parasol

When I first bought this highlighter, I was a little torn. On the one hand, the shade is a gorgeous gold, which is a color that I love. On the other hand, highlight really highlights the texture in my skin and I don’t think I actually like that??? Yes, I’m saying that in January I learned that I was simply brainwashed by beauty influencers into thinking that highlighting is flattering, fun, and natural. Highlight has no business being anywhere near these cheeks.

That being said, I do still love the idea of a nice glow, which is why I spent the month experimenting with what to do with all of the highlighters that I still own! Then, I found out my new secret recipe: just highlight the center of the face. I still get the beamy glow powers, but it looks a little more natural and doesn’t spotlight any texture on my face. If you’re also realizing that highlighting your cheekbones isn’t for you, this might be your next move!

TJ Maxx Makeup

While I’m no stranger to the beauty section of TJ Maxx, I had always stayed far, far away from all of the makeup products. For one, those products are often grimy. I would always pick up a shiny eyeshadow palette thinking, “Wow, this is a steal!” quickly followed by, “Wait, why are my hands sticky?” and “Why is this box so light?” Those products were at TJ Maxx for a very specific reason. The other reason why TJ Maxx makeup wasn’t it for me was more of a product for complexion. More specifically, TJ Maxx buys overstocked products at a discounted price. I’m black and while the makeup industry is changing, they still aren’t making tons and tons and tons of products in brown shades. Yes, there is still a potential for overstock, but it doesn’t happen at the same rate as it does for paler shades, meaning that there are less chances that TJ Maxx would have access to my shade.

That being said, TJ Maxx has recently had a bit of a moment for me. It’s recently been my go-to spot for makeup brushes, mascara, and concealer. These products tend to be sealed and the least gross, which is mainly why they appeal to me. The second reason is more related to cost vs. shelf life. Products like mascara and concealer are the ones that I go through the fastest, which means that I never feel comfortable buying them at high end price points. TJ Maxx is pretty much the solution to that problem, by putting these luxury products at drugstore pricing.


In my 2020 To-Do List, I mentioned that I wanted to up my style game this year. Not only have I been making some fashion moves, but I’ve started capturing my style journey on Instagram and I am loving it! I love clothes. I love how a specific piece of clothing or an outfit can capture a mood or a vibe or a decade or a character. It’s magic!

What did you love in January?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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