The Single Girl’s Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Hey, friends. It’s that time of the year again: Valentine’s Day aka the eve before all the good chocolate goes on sale. This Valentine’s Day just like I’ve spent every Valentine’s Day of the past 23 years of life: alone. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I have to give up on style. My vision of my perfect Valentine’s Day is me enjoying a sweet treat and watching some Netflix in my most fashionable look. It’s basically a day dedicated to my favorite things: sugar, TV, and a good outfit. This lookbook is basically a guide for all other single ladies (or gents or gender non-conforming individuals) who want to love themselves and love their outfits on this glorious couple’s day.

No. 1

My first look is the most luxurious of them all and is definitely not seasonally appropriate, but I own this romper and I’m going to get the most use out of it that I can! It’s a bold red color with a floral print and it makes me so happy. I tried to winter it up a little bit with a pair of tights (I would recommend the fleece version if you’re somewhere that’s truly cold) and my classic teddy coat. I could have also warmed this up a little bit by throwing a white, long sleeved turtleneck underneath, but I was too bust wildin’ to be warm!

Coat: TJ Maxx | Romper: Ross Dress for Less | Shoes: Ross Dress for Less

I think that this is actually a comfy glam look, because do you know who wore rompers before they became trendy for grown people? Babies! And babies wouldn’t wear them if they weren’t comfortable! So throw on your best glam romper and snuggle up with your laptop and some Sailor Moon! It’s a little like fancy PJs!

No. 2

This is me, loving myself and treating myself this Valentine’s Day to a nice trip to Starbucks, Ross, and Wendy’s (yes, in that order). These are some smart life choices, so they deserved a smart outfit to pair with them. I matched this tweed mini skirt (it has pockets!!!) with a cozy turtleneck sweater. But the real star of the show are these heeled loafers. I feel a little bit like I’m off to go solve a mystery in style. Maybe this look is actually more suited for a murder mystery night with friends???

Sweater: Goodwill | Skirt: SheIn | Shoes: DSW

Of course, I had to winter this look up a bit, because February is the height of winter in my part of the world. I threw on some black tights and this white blanket scarf. And, FYI, if you don’t have a blanket scarf yet, you aren’t doing winter right. It’s fashion and comfort, a scarf and a blanket. 2 for the price of 1!

No. 3

This look is an image of love. I love this tiny pink purse that I bought on a whim a few months back, because it adds a little razzle dazzle to every outfit. I love the tweed and loafer because it looks sophisticated and, again, something about it makes me feel like I need to solve a mystery. And lastly, I love this pink top. It’s basically a t-shirt but the fluttery sleeves fool you into thinking there’s something fancy going on. What can I say? I live to scam!

Top: Rainbow | Skirt: SheIn | Shoes: DSW

The previous look I showed off was perfect for Starbucks, Ross, and Wendy’s. This outfit is perfect for Starbucks, Target, and a museum. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend these vibes for an art museum, because this outfit is a work of art. Why would anyone look at those paintings and sculptures, when they could look at you? This is a single lady’s Valentine’s Day lookbook! You’re here to be stylish and alone! You don’t want that attention. Put on this look and go to a history museum or something (don’t forget – it’s still black history month)!

And there you have it! Those are three great looks for the fashion forward lady who is loving herself this Valentine’s Day. Put on your favorite look – of the cozy or glam variety and treat yourself to a great time. You deserve it!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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