Mini Glam Ulta Haul

Hey, y’all. So last week I decided to go one a makeup free journey. And it was illuminating, amazing, radiant, and also reminded me of how much I love makeup. And I missed it so much, I decided to go out and buy some more of it (plus, the Ulta points – can’t forget those points)! I also did something that I rarely ever do: buy more than one high end product at a time! My wallet is quaking. It will never be the same. Nonetheless, here is my ultra glamorous mini Ulta haul.

TONYMOLY Peach Punch Sweet Foam Cleanser

So this may not seem like a bougie-glam product but let me explain. I’ve recently upgraded my skincare routine to include a morning cleanser and an evening cleanser. Is it extra? Yes. But I’m pretty sure Jackie Aina has a day and night cleanser and I aim to be on her bougie glam skincare level, so here I am. The only difference, I am a K-beauty stan and my good Aunt Jackie is not.

As such, I picked up this cleanser from TONYMOLY. I used to use the Magic Food Banana Foam Cleanser. The only problem was I bought it from some random seller on Amazon for a discounted price which means I may have been using a TONYMOLY cleanser or I may have been using … something else! So this may or may not be my first time getting TONYMOLY clean, but I am stoked about it regardless.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer

Yes, I know. Too Faced is drama, but it’s drama that I can’t stay away from. I didn’t set out to get a shimmery bronzer, but the Too Faced displays in Ulta just speak my language. It’s like they were calling out to me and saying “Hey, boo! We got you! We’re here to make your makeup dreams come true!” And, I’m just a simple gal, so I of course had to listen to the magical Too Faced display and put this bronzer in my bag.

Now, I’m not a girl who is all about the glow, but something says that might be my spring 2020 look. Glowy and bougie. And this bronzer does it all. It glows, it shows up on my skin, and it’s infused with real gold. It’s like it was made in my dream glam lab!

Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo in Spiced Cinnamon

So I’ve never used a Cover FX product in my life. In part, it’s because they sell a lot of products with functions that I don’t fully understand. And the other part is that my soul, my heart of hearts, knew that I was not ready to live the Cover FX life, yet. In fact, I always blocked it out of my sight, even though it’s by the part of Ulta where I spend the most time – the Beauty Bakerie display. It was like I had tunnel vision that existed solely to keep Cover FX in the dark. But then, this monochromatic blush duo somehow appeared and the tunnel collapsed. I could see again.

What’s so special about this duo? Probably nothing, but I’m really having a blush moment right now. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m being absored into pro-blush Tik Tok culture, or if it was my love of slim, rectangular package, but I knew that I had to own this. It’s a warm pinky-taracotta shade that’s matte and glowy. And it’s pigmented to go one my eyes as well as the face. I feel like I just bought 4 products for the price of 1. I am a new woman. A flushed woman. A woman ready for an E-girl transformation??? No, definitely just a woman with a nice spring flush. I won’t get too wild here.

What products are you feeling right now?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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