Spring Dream List

Hey, y’all! It’s nearly spring and I am so pumped! Do I have any exciting spring plans? Yes! I plan to look good and feel good all season long. This excitement is truly a shock to me. I am a fall and winter fashion fiend. I love the bulky scarves, muted tones, and chunky sweaters. So what changed me? Pastel! Or, more specifically, I started watching Pretty Pastel Please on YouTube and realized that I wanted to live a pastel spring dream. Then I went on Forever 21 and saw “Trending Now: Pastel Season” and this post was born! Here is the spring fashion that I’m dreaming of!

Boxy Flounce-Trim Top

Credit: F21

The spring trend that I’m the most obsessed with is flounce and ruffles. I live for the volume. That’s why I’m pretty obsessed with this top. It’s pretty much full volume all around, which makes for easy styling. It’s like a basic tee that packs a punch!

Boxy Ruffle-Trim Top

Credit: F21

And my flounce loves continues, but what drew me to this top was the color. I love coral, blush tones, and pink shades in the spring. In part, this is because PrettyPastelPlease has given me a new appreciation for pink and pastels. This is also due to the fact that those shades look bomb on brown skin! And my skin is brown! Bring in the flattering shades!

Tiered Flounce-Hem Boxy Top

Credit: F21

This top is essentially just an elevated t-shirt and the model is styled exactly in the same way that I would wear it. I too own light wash jeans and a tiny gold pendant necklace, which is basically all that a shirt like this needs. Easy styling? Now, that’s a spring dream!

Shirred Roll-Tab Sleeve Shirt Dress

Credit: F21

I’ve never been a shirt dress type of gal, but I’ve really been getting amazing vibes about them for spring. I’ve seen them glammed up with fancy belts and over the knee boots and I’ve seen them adopt athleisure vibes with sneakers and a cool jacket. It’s versatile, it’s breezy, it’s comfortable. Basically, it’s everything that I need for spring.

Belted Paperbag Waist Skirt

Credit: F21

I’m obsessed with the silhouette of the skirt, because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies: Roman Holiday. Princess Ann wears a similar skirts while she’s touring Rome and while it’s an iconic look, it’s not necessarily original. These flowy, belted skirts were all the rage in the 1950s, and while that isn’t a time that I would personally like to travel back to, I have no problem with vintage fashion and styling. Also, I like a a nice tea length skirt, when I have my compression sock on, because you can’t see where it cuffs my knee!

Button-Front Mini Skirt

Credit: F21

Remember when I just said I like something that comes below the knee? Yeah, I also like a little mini skirt moment. I’m known among my friends as a modest dresser, but your girl loves to show a little leg and this is the perfect skirt to show some leg in! The beautiful lavender color, the button detail, the pastel vibes! I love it! Plus, it can be reworked into an easy Daphne costume come Halloween!

Structured Push-Lock Crossbody Bag

Credit: F21

I used to be a one purse kind of girl. I’m talking a neutral, black purse that’s ready for every outfit. And don’t worry, I still live that life. But, this spring, I also want to explore a little bit more! This purse is the kind that gets me excited about my outfits! I love the pastel pink, the crossbody, the top handle that will only be used in Instagram photos, and the tiny gold hardware. It’s! A! Look!

Faux Pearl Barrette Set

Credit: F21

So this is truly a spring dream, because thus far, my hair has not been ready for the fancy, oversized barrette trend. I tried so hard, but my fro said no! That being said, I’m thinking about trying out wigs this spring and that could be a look. Picture this: me, with straight or wavy hair, clips shining on my head, the ice from my caramel machiatto rattling in my Starbucks cup. Did you picture it? Because I did and I’m living!

What spring trends are you obsessed with?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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