5 Things I Loved this February

Hey, y’all and welcome to my incredibly late February appreciation post! Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it was also the month where I decide to try out the most new things! I bought some new things, made some new crafts, and even tried out new things in my skincare routine (which led to a new case of pink eye). Honestly, it was a little stressful, but it’s also very liberating to open up yourself to new experiences!

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

My Skin

In February, I decided to challenge myself to a week without makeup. And to be honest, I low-key hated it. It truly was a reminder of how much I love makeup. Let’s backtrack a little bit. There’s this odd philosophy that people wear makeup because they want to cover up their skin and imperfections. My philosophy is that great skin facilitates great makeup. And to be completely honest, there is no such thing as bad skin (it’s the largest organ in your body – give it some credit for all the work it does!), but you get back what you put in.

When your skin is healthy, hydrated, and cared for your makeup will wow the world! That week, I realized that my skin had truly come a long way. It was less dry, less irritated, and less prone to breakouts. I hadn’t realized how much I had been loving on my face until that week. And I wanted to put on some makeup to highlight that fact and reward myself for my hard work!

Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo

Let’s get something straight: I am not a celebrity makeup artist stan. But I somehow ended up watching a video with Patrick Ta and it pretty much changed my life forever. Basically, Patrick Ta said that monochrome was in and we should all be using our blush as eyeshadow and I was like, “Yes, yes, yes, yes. Patrick Ta has the key to the universe and this man knows what’s up.” I even went to his website and almost bought a blush (Ms. Debit Card said no to that move).

But, I did somehow end up with a blush moment. If you read my Mini Glam Ulta Haul, then you know how this baby came into my life and she has changed it forever. It’s my blush, my eyeshadow, my highlight, and my one true love rolled into me. My makeup routine has never been faster, because I pretty much just use this product over my whole face. It is truly my greatest investment.

Glittery Nails

Simply Nailogical has her holo. And Liv Loves has her glitter. That’s me: the glitter gal! My love for glittery nails cannot be tamed. I recently tried out an Easter vibe, with some pastel purple topped with a pink shimmer. I’ve done fine gold glitter. I even have a glitter polish that looks like stars in the night sky. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m all glittered up. It’s kind of my thing now.

Trying New Things

In February, I tried to be a little bit more social. On a whim, I decided to hunt through Facebook’s events listing to find a fun, weekend activity. And I hated pretty much every option. Here’s the thing: I hate leaving my house. I mainly leave to go to work, the grocery store, Panera (and I don’t even like Panera), and Ross. It would truly take a mircale event to get me to leave. But then, a miracle happened. An even fit just for gals like me dropped out of the sky: a Tennessee sign making class. I love Tennessee and I love crafts. It was truly a match made in heaven.

I signed up, payed my $20 bucks, and asked my friends to go. They all said no, so I went by myself and had a pretty alright time. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, I was the only black person there. Yes, I was the only person who came alone. And, yes, almost everyone in attendance was eligible for that special senior menu at iHop. Doing something new, especially something where you show up and are the odd one out, can be super scary and isolating. But, in this case, it was definitely worth the reward. I got to make something really cool

School Colors Podcast by Brooklyn Deep

Is it weird that I sometimes miss college? Like I don’t miss deadlines, getting sick from the campus food, and doing homework, but I do miss going to class and learning new things! And this podcast is like taking a trip back to college. The School Colors podcast follows a predominantly black school district from the 60s to the modern age. It’s a tale of struggles for community control, gentrification, and a search for self-determination in education. It’s only 8 episodes long, so it isn’t a forever commitment and is definitely a must listen if you like learning about educational, social, racial, and economic justice.

What did you love in February?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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