Pre-Spring SheIn Haul

Hey, y’all! I’m continuing my love affair with SheIn and have recently stepped up my game to include some spring fashion. If you’ve read my Spring Dream List, then you have a sense for my new spring vibe. Basically, I’m looking to have a breezy, comfy, and ruffly spring. Because of this, my pre-spring SheIn haul is pretty much just ruffly tops and silky scarves. I’m thinking flounce meets Roman Holiday vibes? Here is my pre-spring SheIn haul!

SHEIN Leopard Ruffle Hem Tee

This pick was a bit of a wild card. Yes, it checks all of my spring boxes. Cute? Check. Ruffled? Check. Breezy? Also, check. And then it gets a little wild: leopard print. Now don’t get me wrong. I can enjoy a nice animal print shoe. I’ll even do an animal print bag. But what I don’t do is go for actual animal print clothes. That’s too wild. But, apparently I was having a field day at SheIn and put this in my cart for some reason and I’m kind of loving it. It’s fun, it’s funky. I’m living for it!

Floral Print Lettuce Frill Ruffle Hem Blouse

This piece definitely meshes together my two loves: ruffles and fall. It’s ruffly on top and ruffly along the collar. I can’t deal! I also love all of the muted mustardy-brown and red tones. It’s really reminds me of autumn trees and apple cider and I am living! Plus, all of the ruffles and the light-weight fabric gives it the perfect spring feel.

Floral Print Ruffle Trim Tiered Layer Blouse

What’s better than one layer of ruffles? Two layers of ruffles! If I haven’t sold you on this yet, just think. It’s like the fun and the fanciness of wearing a dress, but you get to wear it with pants! That’s amazing. Plus, it’s got tons of air flow, which is always a treat for sweaty queens like me.

SHEIN Embroidery Floral Ruffle Cuff Peplum Top

When I saw that this was a ruffly top with some embroidery, I was intrigued, but tried to keep my excitement low. It was only $13, so I was expecting something real raggedy. And look at what I got instead! Color me surprised! The embroidery is staying together thus far! Does it kind of remind me of toddler clothes? Yes. But I’ve walked past the baby and toddler clothing section at Target and today’s toddlers are pretty stylish. I have no shame about stealing their look.

SHEIN Ruffle Trim Guipure Lace Detail Top

This is like a boxy tee elevated. I get the feeling that white t-shirts are going to be a staple in my spring wardrobe. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to just buy a plain one! That being said, I’m still pretty obsessed with this one. It’s such an easy way to elevate your look. Throw on a normal white t-shirt and that says, “Yeah, I’m going to Walmart.” Throw on this white t-shirt and now you’re going to Walmart and the farmer’s market.


In a addition to all of ruffle tops, I also bought a bunch of silky bandanas. Bandanas are pretty much the everything bagel of my wardrobe. Throw them around your neck and suddenly I’m Princess Ann. Put it on your handbag and suddenly you’re living out every 2008 style tip from Seventeen Magazine. Put it in your hair and suddenly you’re the cute and fun friend who loves puppies. They do it all!

What spring trends are you obsessed with?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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