Staying at Home and Giving Miss A My Money

Hey, y’all! It is officially the spring season, which meant that it was time for me to spring into some new beauty products! Now, I could go and drop a lot of cash at Ulta, but in these harsh stay at home times, I wanted to be a little bit more fiscally conservative. That’s why I decided to visit my long, but not lost, love Shop Miss A. I spent less than $20 and walked away with a whole bunch of things that no one other than my roommate and the Kroger cashier will get to see in person. And that is a-okay! Here is my Shop Miss A Haul.

A collection of AOA brand makeup products are on a bed next to two pink roses.

AOA Studio 3D Faux Mink Lashes

I’m not exactly the lashiest of ladies, but I’ve had my eyes on these falsies for a hot minute now. I’ve always had great luck with lashes from Miss A, so when these first dropped, I had to have them. Unfortunately, they were always sold out every time I tried to buy them. Thankfully, I finally got blessed by the lash gods and these are now in my home!

Two pairs of AOA studio 3D Faux Mink Lashes are on a bed with a flower in the background.

I got the styles Ariel and Krissi. I like that they are both fluffy and that they sound like the names of title characters from a new Disney show about tween BFFs: Like, Krissi, she’s a little edgy. She spells her name with K and has a mix of wispy lashes and bold long clumps. She is multi dimensional and into graffiti. A true rebel queen. Ariel is your classic braniac lash. She’s a math prodigy and could totally be in college at the ripe age of 13, but she would never abandon her BFF like that.

AOA Studio A+ Super Strong Adhesive Lash Glue

A tube of clear and a tube of black AOA Super Strong Adhesive Lash Glue are on a white bed with pink roses.

Lashes: check. Now, it was time for some lash glue. I never wear lashes for more than 4 hours at a time, so my glue standards are pretty low. I really just need something that won’t give me pink eye, to be honest. That being said, I did get a little wild and buy not one, but two different types of glue: black and clear. I know, we’re getting real spicy today. Hopefully they work and if they don’t – well, they were only $1.88 (the extra $0.88 goes to charity!)!

AOA Studio Gel Eyeliners

Most of the pencil liners in my collection have been in my makeup drawer for years. Like, liner is rarely on my mind. For one, I don’t actually wear that much liner anymore. Typically if I pop some on my eyes, it’s just a tiny brown wing at the corner of my eyes to add a little lift. In 2020, I’m coming to terms with my eyeshape and that means that I can no longer live the bold liner life that I had before. Well, I can, but it’s not the most flattering.

Three AOA Gel Eyliners in green, blue, and black are fanned out on a white bedspread.

That being said, I do still think liner can be a fun way to spice things up and sometimes I just need a pop of something in my waterline! As such, I got three colors: brown, blue, and green. I actually wanted to get brown and black, but the black was all sold out so I was forced into making some spicier choices. The only problem is, this liner might have been too spicy because I got pink eye after using it. I can’t really confirm if it was the liner that was a problem or something else (my eyes have gotten more sensitive with my advanced age), but when I know, I’ll be sure to drop a full and honest review!

AOA Brow Gel

You might think that the struggle product of this haul was the liners. It’s not. Like, pink eye – I can deal with that. Pop in some drops and you’re good to go. But wild brows???? Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! And this product gives me the wildest of brow days!

A small tube of dark brown AOA Brow Gal is learning against a pink rose.

Basically, it’s a tube of brow gel pigment. You squeeze some out and apply it either with a spoolie or angled brow brush. Sounds simple enough? Not! It’s ridiculously pigmented, so you have to be very ligh-thanded with it. I’m currently suffering from the same brows I had during the dark ages (i.e. 2015) and I’m so upset. It is a pretty cool product, because it’s super waterproof and I’ve never used anything like. But much like Aang, I’ve got a lot to learn before I’m ready to save anyone(‘s brows).

AOA Studio Sculpt FX Contour Stick

You remember back in like 2015/2016 when contour sticks and kits were all the rage? Well, so do I and I’m here to jump on the trend 5 years later. I’ve never used a contour stick, but, because I’m so late on the trend, I decided to do a low cost trial with this $1 contour. I haven’t gotten around to using it yet, because I always forget. Like, I do my concealer and my brain goes, “Powder! Powder! Powder!” and then the cream moment is gone.

A small contour stick is learning against pink roses.

That being said, this product seems very promising based off of my initial swatches. It’s very rich, smooth, and creamy. I was actually a little shook by the color at first, but it blends well without completely disappearing into the skin. It’s not too warm but also doesn’t look like a strip of ash. Who knows if these positive vibes will hold up when I use the product for real, but I have my fingers crossed!

AOA Studio Oh Honey Nourishing Lip Oil

This is the standout product here! I don’t ever think that I have been so pleased with a Shop Miss A item before (and I’ve been pleased by a lot of things – you can check them all out here)! Basically, I just wanted something to soothe my forever ashy lips. I always see the beauty gurus put on a lip oil at the start of their makeup application and then wipe it off right before they put on a lipstick and I truly thought that I would do that too. But oh no no no no! I was wrong. Because I put the lip oil on and then I never wanted to take it off! It’s magic!

A small tube of AOA Studio Oh Honey Lip Oil is standing up on a white bed with pink roses in the background.

At this point, I mainly wear this as my actual lip for the day. I do my makeup and pop this on as if it were a non goopy, unpigmented gloss. Like, just last month I was talking about how I would be thriving with my matte liquid lipsticks forever and now here I am: thriving with the world’s juiciest, plumpest lips. And for only $1??? I need to buy like 10 more!

Argan Oil Sponge and Brush Soaps

Two metal tines with AOA argan oil soaps are on a white bed with pink roses.

The last thing was truly a purchase of necessity, rather than wanting to test out something fun: brush soap. I have low brush soap standards. I’ve washed my brushes with Dawn, Ajax, my rice water cleanser, and even some free hotel bar soap. But we’re trying to be better during this Stay at Home season. Like, I literally have nothing to do other than wash my makeup brushes and sponges for real (that’s not true – I do still have a job)! And so I bought real soap!

Mint Collection Earrings

These earrings are the runner up for best budget buys from this haul and they are riding on the backs of these moon earrings. Basically, if you follow my Instagram or read my March Loves post (I recommend doing both – they’re quality), then you already know about my love for my Sailor Moon hoodie. And it’s like: Sailor Moon on Hulu + Sailor Moon Hoodie + Moon Shaped Earrings = A Whole Stay at Home Vibe.

Six pairs of gold Mint Collection earrings are on a white bed with pink roses in the background.

Of course, the other earrings are pretty great. Like, they’re cheaply made and do leave some green residue on my ears at the end of the day buy they’re a dollar! Actually, it’s a pack of 6, so they’re more like $0.16/17 each. For the price, they do not disappoint.

Do you use this brow gel? Can you explain it to me?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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