Nail That Manicure!

I’ve gone through a lot of nail phases in my life: long, short, press on, glue on, french tips, bold colors, and – as of the past year – naked nails. My history of nail maintenance had taken its toll on me and suddenly all nail related tasks other than a simply trim and file […]

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October Favorites

Hello, my fellow fall fiends! The spookiest month is over, meaning that it’s time for me to break out all of my less intimidating seasonal loves, including: apple cider, long nights with a good book, and Ariana Grande’s Christmas & Chill EP (Thanksgiving who?)! But, before I can fully enjoy the November groove, I think […]

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June Favorites

I liked a lot of stuff during the month of June! I liked the warmer weather, I liked the start of summer (read: I liked that it’s getting closer to my summer B-Day), and I also liked these things that I bought. 1: Captain America T-shirt I’ve worn this every single week either in a […]

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Easy Accessory Storage

Whether you’re looking to store your outfit dazzlers inside of your tiny bedroom or your tiny college dorm room, here are my 3 easy, cute, and relatively inexpensive methods of accessory storage. Number 1: A classic jewelry plate. I used to believe that these were overrated, but then I bought rings and bracelets and was suddenly […]

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3 Ways to Wear: Soft Shorts

I love shorts! Growing up, my shorts options were very limited, leaving me still slightly intimidated by the thought of them on my form to this day, but I say it’s about finding a formula you love. Childhood me was afraid of drinking milk; the fix-it formula: drink it with cereal or chocolate chip cookies. […]

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Summer Beauty and Fashion Haul

Call me fiscally irresponsible, but I like to buy things. It’s honestly the worst form of pleasure in the world, but yet here I am bearing the fruits of my labor in this summer haul. I’ve hit up the Walgreens, the Walmart, the Ulta, the Amazon, and the Goodwill (all the places where I can […]

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