5 Ways to Use Setting Spray

“Setting spay? I don’t know her.” Those are the words of Liv from 2 years ago – albeit they’re rephrased a bit to match a Mariah Carey classic. Regardless, I had no clue that the 2017 version of myself would be such a huge spray enthusiast. These days, my setting spray does it all. From […]

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Liv’s Everyday Slay

I am not an Instagram makeup queen. In my fantasies, I wake up every morning with just enough time and just the right amount of creativity to whip up a fresh, cool makeup look on the daily. Unfortunately, that is not my life. To say that I have an every day makeup routine is a […]

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Summer Lip Kit

My summertime lipstick vibes are on two different levels: fiery shades and nudes. I’m already a huge fan of red lips. They’re classic and bold and embody everything I want people to think when they see me, regardless of if it’s actually a true representation of my personality or not. During the summer, I expand my […]

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5 Steps to Stunning Eyeshadow

Whether we’re talking creasing lids, oily skin, or the “barely there” product, there are so many ways that your eyeshadow can fail you. Thankfully, I’ve got some cool tips to help prevent a bad shadow day! Stay flawless, friends! Prime Like You’re at Home Depot Primer isn’t just for painting walls. It’s the glue for your shadows, and the […]

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