2020 To-Do List

Hey y’all! Last week I shared my 2019 goals recap and I loved it so much that I decided to follow it up with my goals for the new year. In part, this is me manifesting my continued blogging career! Now I kind of have to keep blogging until at least Jan 1st, 2021 so […]

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2018 Goals Recap

Cheers, y’all! I began 2018 with very high hopes! I made two posts full of semi-realistic goals for this year and am ready to see if I cashed in on my dreams! Blogging Goals Gain 500+ Followers This goal is a check! I think I finished off 2017 with a little over 300 of y’all […]

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5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

As I typed this title, all I could think about are all of those memes when your mom tells you that the root cause of every problem in your life is because “you’re always on that phone!” Credit score sucks? It’s because you’re always on that phone! Failed a test? It’s because you’re always on […]

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