Another Podcast Round Up!

I don’t know when I got to the point in my life where, “Wow, that reminds me of this episode of this podcast,” became my response to anything that anyone says to me at any time, but here we are. Baby powder? Japan? Student loans? Getting a charlie horse? These all sound like the perfect […]

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February Loves

Time is passing way too quickly for me to handle, but I’m going to try to stay positive and reflect on all of the joyous moments – or things, really, in this case! On the topic of great February experiences, this past month’s highlights include: delving into my senior seminar research, taking more naps, clearing […]

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Travel Isn’t Only for White People

Although the numbers have increased, there are still very few African American women travelling internationally. In regards to higher education, only 6% of African Americans study abroad. Whether it is because we get little encouragement from our community to leave the U.S. or experience financial or cultural barriers, this is a very discouraging statistic. Because […]

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Makeup is not for Girls Like You

“Makeup is not for girls like you,” the shelves at the CVS seem to say. At the top of each brand’s display are messages about enhancing my natural beauty through lashes long enough to cast shadows on my cheekbones and eyeshadows that embody every color of the rainbow. The ads promise beautiful lips, beautiful cheeks, […]

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