Winter Lookbook – Blogmas Day 11

Winter is coming! It’s finally dropped down to the low 30’s in my city, and while it hasn’t snowed yet, I’m one step closer to a Hallmark-worthy December. Because I’m feeling that winter spirit, I decided to put together a mini lookbook of some of my favorite winter looks from my closet. They definitely aren’t […]

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Winter Empties

My name is Liv and I love to cake my face with a whole lot of makeup products! I own way too much makeup and will probably continue to own way too much for the rest of my life. The problem is, when you own loads of mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeshadows it becomes wildly difficult […]

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January OOTW

January’s style theme: change! I experienced a change in my physical setting, a change in my everyday routine, and also a lot of changes in the weather that now require me to wear many layered pieces. Honestly, even Accuweather couldn’t help me last month. So join me in this 2 minute style journey and get […]

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January Loves

January, you really tried me! From the end of my winter break to my school coming at me with ridiculously high textbook fees to Betsy DeVos, January brought me endless nonsense. Of course, I am still all about appreciating the little things. So, amidst all the drama and shameful happenings of the first month of […]

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